A Week of Homestead Photos August 9nd – 15th

It has been another busy week here at our little homestead with the oldest country kid finishing up projects for the county fair. The critters are just as nuts as ever and projects keep finding their way on my to do list. I can feel summer starting to wind down and while it is a little sad, I look forward to the crisp air and colors of fall soon. So what made me smile around the homestead this week?

Heidi the Homestead Hound and her new stuffed chicken toy.
Making homemade bacon, yum!!!!

Taking Tiny for a ride in the truck on his way to his new home.

Watching Tiny stand tall to a crazy, scary looking rooster at his new home. That is a lot of confidence in a very small bird!
Making homemade Butterfinger bars, Yum!
My polydactyl putty tat, Anna. 
The oldest country kid knocking it out of the park with his diorama at the fair!!!

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