Sorry! Technical Difficulties

You may have noticed the tumbleweeds blowing through my blog recently. I am not ill, nothing horrible has happened, my computer just died last Wednesday with no warning. Since I don’t make any money blogging (and I am okay with that, as that is not why I blog) I have had to look into the most cost effective way to get back up and running.

And while I still have some access to the internet through the oldest country kid’s homeschool computer (which is slower then…. well you know,) it doesn’t have the capabilities I need in order to upload photos and the like. *pout*

And while it might be dead on the blog till someone can fix my computer, which I am hoping will happen this week, I am staying in touch with readers over on our (mis)Adventures of a “Born Again” Farm Girl Facebook page. So if you miss me, be sure to stop by over there!

I will try to have our Monday hop up, but there will be no newsletter this week. I had so many things in the works when the computer dropped dead…. I am itching to share so much with you. So be patient, I promise to get it all figured out! Fingers crossed please for a quick and cost effective computer repair. Yeah, I know those two things don’t go together, but a girl can hope!