A Week of Homestead Photos December 27th – January 2nd

Hello 2016, you vixen you, with your promises for a better year. In all honesty, it is just another day on a calendar to me. I don’t expect a magical awakening of good luck or a windfall of fortune just because the last digit of the year has changed when I write a check.

What I do expect is that life will go on, and there will be plenty of opportunities to smile, no matter what is going on in the “big picture” of life. So for saying farewell to 2015 and hello to 2016, this is what made me smile this week…..

Ducks are weird critters. No matter how nasty it is out, they love being in it!

 It shoots up to 20 feet!!!! Everyone around here better watch out.
I am armed with a chicken and dangerous! 

 Bread dough rising under a beautiful hand stitched towel a friend made me.
It felt like she was right in the kitchen with me. 

“I’m bored, can I paint?” Well the punishment for declaring boredom
is a chore, so sure, you can paint…… my walls! LOL

Took hubby out for Chinese buffet for New Year’s Eve and they had crab! The oldest country kid is now the proud owner of a set of claws. Yes, he brought them home, but only after pinching me all through dinner.

The hens like to hide their nest and this time it was a doozy of a location….. Under their night pen. So here is a Felfie (farm selfie) of me on the floor of the shed, using a rake handle to push the eggs out to the littlest country kid, who deposited them in the bowl the oldest country kid was holding. This was a family affair! 

Spending a wonderful morning with my soil sister here, Sandi, (who LIVES in a pig barn)  at the Farmers’ Market pushing their bratwurst that they had on special. You have got to love seeing the look on a vegetarian’s face when you offer them a deal on bratwurst. What?!?! How was I supposed to know they didn’t eat meat? It’s not like they were wearing a sign! 

Everyone on the roost for a long winters nap…. okay not a nap, bed time but you get the picture. 

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

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