Cave Tools Wood Chip Smoker Box Review

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a company called Cave Tools asking If I would be willing to review one of their products and give you all an honest review of it. Of course you all know me, I am about as honest as they come, bluntly so at times. They gave me a choice of products and we decided since we like to BBQ and smoke meats to preserve them, we would give their wood chip smoker box a test.

When the wood chip smoker box arrived I let my hubby (the grill master) open it up. The first thing we both noticed is the quality. This is not your standard, run of the mill, flimsy box! We both oooed and ahhhed at the thickness of the metal used to construct the smoker box. Okay, so far so good. I was impressed with the construction and materials of this grilling accessory. Now how to test it?

We had a pork belly in the freezer from our last hog that was in need of curing and smoking in order to make our homemade bacon, this would be the perfect task to use the wood chip smoker box in. So after getting the pork belly ready, it had to sit in the fridge and cure for some time before we smoked it. Days passed and I kept walking past the wood chip smoker box sitting on the table just waiting to be put to the test.

Finally the meat was ready to be smoked!! Up till now, hubby
would just soak wood chips in water and apply them directly to the coals. While
this works, the chips can sometimes catch fire, which is NOT what you want to
happen in a smoking situation. When you smoke meat, you want
the lovely smoke smell and flavor in your meat, not burnt wood. Blech. The Cave
Tools wood chip smoker box has no holes on the bottom, only on the top, which
prevents the wood chips from lighting on fire.

Hubby got the coals going and used some brick pieces to try to keep the wood chip smoker box off the coals. I am happy to report, that even though the box did come into direct contact with the coals, it did not warp! The extra thick stainless steel that is used in this box really does make a difference. The smoker box was easy to fill (and refill) with its hinged lid. The dimensions of smoker box means it can hold a larger amount of chips but does not take up much room in your grill.

Once the meat was smoked and cut, hubby fried up some of the bacon so we could taste test it. The Cave Tool wood chip smoker box delivered just what we were looking for, great smoky taste without any burnt wood flavor. This little metal box just became my hubby’s new favor grilling toy. I know where I am going for his future birthday and Christmas presents as they have a whole line of affordable, quality products he can’t wait to get his grubby, grillin, hands on!

If you are interested in grabbing one of these most excellent little magic metal boxes, you can purchase one from the Cave Tool Web Site or at Amazon. If you purchase from Amazon, the company has been nice enough to offer you all a 15% discount code!

Just use the code TJ4VTYCS. 

I would also suggest check out Cave Tools on Facebook for recipes, tips, and other grilling fun!

Mmmmm…. Bacon!!!!

4 thoughts on “Cave Tools Wood Chip Smoker Box Review

  1. I love how you happened to have a pork belly sitting in your freezer ready to smoke and turn into bacon – not many of us can say that in today's world! thanks for sharing at our #OTM link up ~ Leanne

    1. LOL I know, right? You wouldn't believe what I have in my freezer *wink* And that is why I have a big freezer.

  2. My husband's birthday is coming up and he loves to smoke meats. Something like this would make a great gift for him.

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