Meet Buffy

This week’s Critter Spotlight falls on a hen with an amazing story, Buffy. If you hang out with us on Facebook, you have seen Buffy a lot over the last four years. In fact you would have seen her grow up!

For the longest time, I honestly hated her. She was the worst pain in the butt chicken I had ever owned. She flapped to the beat of her own drum, this one. But life takes many twists and turns, building us, breaking us, sculpting us into the people or hens we are to become. Buffy has gone through a lot in her little life, but she has emerged an amazing bird.

When my alpha hen, Goldie, passed away this year, unassuming Buffy rose from third position in the flock to queen of the yard! But I am getting ahead of myself…….

Let’s start at the beginning…. Baby Buffy! She is the little yellow one. We picked her up and a couple other chicks one spring and she was a misfit from the start. She was flighty from day one and continued to be a pain during her “teenage” years.

Many nights when it was time for lock up, she was no where to be found. She regularly left our yard and went wandering. Why did she wander? Well maybe she was looking for a road to cross or maybe it was the fact that she hated to be handled and even if you could get an eye on her after she left, there was no chance you would get your hands on her.

Many a morning I would open the shed and see this! Yup, Buffy on the wrong side of the window, wanting in and wanting to be feed. Man she drove me nuts! I was sure that she would disappear and never return as a predator would finally get her.

Then one day, her flightiness actually saved her life! We had a weasel attack. Dang thing got in our coop and killed the two other girls we had got with her that spring. But Buffy managed to flap and fly, and avoid getting a single scratch!  Damn weasel also killed my male duck, Fred, who defended the coop till his last breath. Fred’s mate, Betty was injured. It was a horrible event.

The days following the ordeal, Betty and Buffy became inseparable. And while they have grown apart in the years since, Betty becoming a mom and Buffy trying to lead the flock, there are moments when I see them together in the yard and I wonder if the two old friends are nibbling bugs and shooting the breeze like when they were younger.
Buffy’s great adventures didn’t stop at hopping the fence, or avoiding weasels, she also made a journey to the county fair! The oldest country kid had a blast showing her off, while I sat in the stand praying she didn’t take off. Like I said, she really wasn’t one for being handled and if she got loose, I feared we might not get her back.

After her return from the county fair, Buffy began laying eggs and settling down. While she still isn’t one for being held, she no longer leaves the yard. In fact, she even comes running to me now when I call for her. Let’s just say, Fluffy Butt Buffy owes some of that fluff on her butt to the many treats she consumed while learning where home is.

In fact, I may have created a little bit of a monster with the treats. You have never seen any chicken run so fast as Buffy does when she hears the crinkle of a bag! She can be kind of pushy about food and has been know to hang out around the back door. 

Like I said, she always eyeballing me for treats! And seeing how she worked her way up in the peeking order, to interim alpha hen, I guess she deserves a little extra loving. As this years crop of chicks begin to lay and mature, I don’t know if Buffy will remain the queen of the coop in the long run, but I am so glad she took control and guided everyone through the chaos of Goldie’s death. She will never replace Goldie, but at least I can finally say, yea, I guess I kinda like her.

Who would have ever thought that crazy, flighty girl would grow up to be queen?!?! 

9 thoughts on “Meet Buffy

  1. Oh, she's lovely….'specially her fluffy butt!! That weasel attack must have be so scary for them! I think it's so sweet that she and Betty bonded after that! You make me want a chicken!! Or six. Dona

    1. The attack was horrible for all of us and them. That day is a nightmare I try not to think of often. The way animals come together and help each other in times of need is truly amazing.

  2. Buffy definitely sounds like quite a character – but what a cutie she is! Love the pictures of when she was a chick too. Thank you for sharing with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party, Mindie.

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