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Take A Peek At Our Week Jan 7 – 13



 It’s time to take a peek at our week!

This has been one rough week all around. Mother Nature is off her meds, again. We went from -19 up to 57 and back down to 0 all in one week. Needless to say the critters were none too pleased with the reappearing grass that disappeared a day later. And while I am not a fan of icy roads, I am a fan of the ground staying frozen just a little longer, as sugar season is on the horizon, and we need the ground to stay frozen till the season starts so we can get a good run of sap.

This week the oldest country kid was intentionally injured by another student. I am one mad mama bear and am still waiting for the school to finish their investigation and get back to me about the whole thing. The littlest country kid battled a 24 hour stomach bug this week. Lucky for him, we had a snow day, so despite being sick, he didn’t miss any school. Let me just say, I do not do well with others throwing up. Ugh. But I am thankful that it only lasted 24 hours.

So what made me smile this week?

let's hatch chicks
Someone we know, who wrote a children’s book on hatching eggs, might have sent us a sneak peek copy for the country kids to review. The oldest country kid actually put down his kindle to thumb through it! He NEVER puts down his kindle voluntarily!
ducks in snow
Just some ducks, sitting in the sonw, cause that’s what ducks do, cause they’re ducks, and ducks are weird. But they are so cute, little weirdos!
dirty ducks
Thank goodness the weather warmed up because these are some dirty ducks! Well Betty (in the back) looks good, but Baby Girl and Mr Bill are hurtin! Look at those feathers!!!
duck hot tub
The duckies were so happy when I filled a pan for them to bath in. It was a one seater, but they didn’t care, they took turns. It has been so long since they were clean. So glad the temps got above freezing again, if only for a little while.
empty rabbit pen
What’s missing from this picture? Anyone? Well when you tell your country kids a million times “don’t forget to lock the pens after you feed” and then you are the one who forgets! In my defense I had a water jug explode on me and it was in the negative digits at the time. My clothes were freezing to my body and I was trying to hurry with the chores. Larry the rabbit had fun partying with the ducks and chickens in the critter shed till he was finally returned home 24 hours later. Opps. My bad!
chickens synchronized scratching
Cinder and Buffy have been spending a lot of time together since they have been staying in due to the weather. They must have gotten really bored because I caught them working on their synchronized scratching routine. I tried to tell them it wasn’t an Olympic sport, but they are dedicated to their craft none the less.
poo path
I trudged in the snow in negative degree temps for a week to make this path to the shed. It’s finally warm enough from the flock to come outside and what is the first thing they do?!?! Poop in my path!!! They couldn’t shoot it off to the side, oh no, dead center. So much for my clean white snow….. dirty birds…. I’d make a new path but they would just poop it up too….
puffed up chicken
Fifi was all puffed up and ready for bed. Good night my sweet feathered friend.
littlest country kid with legos
It was past his bed time but he HAD to show me his lego tower because it was 20 blocks tall, because he can count to 20, because he is in kindergarten and he is smart. Go back to bed crazy kid! And yes, mommy is proud of you!
an egg
One egg?!?! Better then no eggs in the nest box!



Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!




8 thoughts on “Take A Peek At Our Week Jan 7 – 13

  1. We must live in the same area having the same weather. My girls just looked at me like I was nuts when I asked them if they were coming out to play. Once all the snow was gone and weather warmed up they were all out running around enjoying the sun. Looks like a great book if it makes a kid put down a kindle. Found you on Over the Moon Link Party

  2. Glad no harm came to Larry during his time on the outside. I did something similar, although no live thing escaped… I tend to remind my husband not to loose paperwork and such and to give it to me and you know what I did… I lost it. I eventually found it but BOY was I mad at myself.
    Should we start a petition to make synchronized scratching an Olympic sport? I’m in.
    And thank you for reminding me that I am glad I live in the south. brrrrrrrr…
    🙂 gwingal

  3. Mindie I love reading about your feathered friends. Glad your son got well quick, nothing worse than flu ups.

    Thanks for stopping by #omhgff this week!
    Hope you have warmer weather too!

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