Cute is EVIL

Why are baby animals so stinking cute? It is NOT so their mothers will love them. Oh no! As a mother I have come to the conclusion that no matter how butt ugly your offspring are, you will love and care for them because they are yours. Baby animals are cute so we as humans will fall in love with them, bring them home, and NOT eat them.

For example, baby chicks. My son adores poultry. I am not sure how this happen or why, but he does. Ever time we go into a farm store he rushes to see the baby chicks. And then the all important question is spoken “can I have one?” And as parents we are suckered in by the chicks cuteness and 6 hours later we are sitting at home, wondering how on earth a chick now lives in the dinning room!! Oh yes, because it is cute and it is to cold for it to live outside just yet.

But, ever once in while we must fight back against the cuteness!! An example of this being my son’s desire for a specific breed of chicken. He wants a Cochin. Alas, they do not carry this breed at farm stores, they are a special order. You must order a minimum of five. Well we do not need five more chickens thank you very much. So, sadly, for once, the cuteness of the chick is not enough to make me say yes to my son’s desires.

Victory is mine. But that victory I know will be short lived. Because come heck or high water, my son wants another chicken. And I know, it is just a matter of time before his desire for a specific chick will turn into the desire for ANY chick he can get his hands on. And once again the evil of cute will win again.

What my son wants (Cochin)
What my son will take (any of these)