How it all began

**Queue Star Wars Music** Long, long ago, in a childhood far, far away………

At the age of 10, my parents moved us out into the country. My Aunt quickly provided me with my first “farm” experience by giving me a rabbit. He was a Red Satin I named BR (bunny rabbit). Hey I was 10, it’s the best I could come up with!! To complete the farm experience, I took BR to the county fair that year.

Thus was the beginning of the end. Mr. BR did VERY well at the fair and my father was hooked! Over the next 8 years my life became that of a farm girl. We raised rabbits (lots and lots of them), chickens, goats, and one summer, even a pair of lambs.

Once I turned 18 I headed to collage and then out into the big world. I did my best to get into the corporate mainstream. I moved far away from Michigan. Once I even made it to Aspen, CO. By my late 20’s I was living in Chicago, which is anything but country!!! I had made it. The country girl was out of the country. But it was not to last…..

I am now in my late 30’s, living in small rural town America with my husband, two sons, two cats, one dog, a rabbit and *GASP* two CHICKENS. That’s right, their back……farm critters. My eldest son who is quickly closing in on the ripe old age of 7 is madly in love with poultry. What is a mom to do? Deep down I always knew that country girl was still there and instead of fighting to keep her hid, I have embraced my inner farm girl once again.

I now “like” Facebook pages like Fresh Eggs Daily, and wander farm stores looking for the perfect pair of muck boots. Oh yes, I so want to join the Sisterhood of the Boots!!! When a new poultry catalog shows up in the mailbox, my eldest son and I look at it over and over again. And yes, we did sign our son up for 4-H. Oh the transformation is complete!

So welcome to The (mis)Adventures of a Born Again Farm Girl. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes things go amiss! But there is never a dull moment around the new homestead.

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  1. Very nice! We are just starting in poultry and my 18 year old daughter wants to help me show some birds this year! Fortunately the college she will attend is close to home. Love the farm life!

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