Ducks in a row

No this isn’t really about ducks. We have no ducks. But if we did, I wonder if you could really make them stand in a row. I think not, but the saying came from somewhere. This is about life, you know when you try to get organized and all.

I feel bad. I started to do this blog and then, well, I dropped the ball. Well, no, the ball just wouldn’t stop zipping all over! It was silly of me to think I could do two blogs with a newborn and give them both the proper attention they deserve. But now that the baby is older (wow 8 months) and my other blog is in order, I can get back to the (mis)adventures! And trust me, just because I wasn’t writing, didn’t me the daily “homestead” didn’t continue.

I have soooooo much to share with you all. New additions, I mean animals, no more baby humans. New friends, like the amazing women over at Farm Chick Chit Chat. And all around good times here on my 1/4 acre homestead. And yes, I was told a homestead is not measured by size, but by what you do with it!

I promise this time I will not abandon you, well unless I drop dead and then, well I am sorry, you are so on our own!