Chicken Frisbee

As I have said before, I was reluctant to get back into the whole
“farm girl” life. But when my son wanted chickens I did what any good mom would
and caved! Well since the hens now rule my backyard, I figured I should just
make the best of it. I visit them, talk to them, and now play with them. Yes,
you read that right, I play with my chickens!

I have
found they love saltine crackers. I can’t remember how I discovered that but I
did. So now when the baby is napping I step out to the back porch and fling
crackers at my girls. It gives them attention and me a break from the

One day I
noticed they were no long just waiting for the cracker to hit the ground…. oh
no, they were anticipating my throws! What!?? Yes, seriously, they were like
little athletes attempting to predict where the cracker would fly. Since then,
we have dubbed our cracker time as Chicken Frisbee. It is going to be the new
rage in backyard fun I’m telling you! All you need to play is some crackers and
a chicken.

Just watch this video……

14 thoughts on “Chicken Frisbee

  1. Yes they are like raptors hunting a meal. Mine will jump for treats and gang attack any poor slow flying moth. I gave the frisbee game a try and what do you know, they loved it! My girls provide eggs and endless laughs.

    1. LOL Crazy isn't it! I am telling you, by next summer you can say "Oh I was one of the first to play that game with my girls." Glad you enjoyed playtime. Becareful, it does become addictive. I look for breaks in my day to fling crackers now.

  2. Hahaha. I'll try it! I've never thought about giving my girls saltines, although they run like crazy when they see me head out of the house with my white "chicken bucket" that holds all the kitchen scraps.

    1. My girls know the sound of the crinkle of the saltine pack in my pocket LOL It is amazing how smart they are isn't it.

  3. Cute ! I have a bucket like Meredith but its green and they know immediately it means treats for them. We don't have saltines usually but we have Ritz…which actually might make better frisbees.

  4. This is so cute! My chickens literally jump up and bite food out of my hand if I'm not quick enough in throwing it to them! I've never tried crackers before, but now I'm going to have to see how they like saltines!

    Visiting from the farmgirl friday blog hop 🙂

  5. I have to try this. Our game is Chicken Rugby. Cherry tomato "ball", and 4 hens. I never get tired of playing with them. Neither does my hubby "Chicken Daddy". He is disabled and homebound, and loves helping take care of the girls.

    1. OMG that sounds like such a riot!!! I am so gonna try that with our girls! Thanks for sharing!!!

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