The value of an egg

As I was looking around for neat Halloween idea I came across Mad Scientist: 3 Halloween Experiments for Kids. My initial response when I saw the experiment for making Alien Monster Eggs was “That is soooo cool, my son is going to love doing this.”

Alien Monster Eggs: Eggs bubble like magic when vinegar breaks chemical bonds to dissolve their shells, leaving only the soft balloon-like membranes intact. See what happens when corn syrup sucks the water from the inside, leaving shriveled, see-through Alien Monster Eggs. A vase or jar full of these creepy eggs makes a spectacularly spooky centerpiece”.

Great times, right? WRONG. My next thought was, “My hens work too hard making eggs for us to use them like this!! How could I do something so frivolous with their precious eggs!! Which makes me wonder, when did my mindset shift as it has?

When we used to buy store eggs I thought nothing about “wasting” them. And I will admit, at Easter we do buy store eggs to color. But now that we have raised our girls from chicks, and collect their eggs every day, I have much more respect for the gift they give us to feed us the way we feed them. I am thankful each day for the eggs we get and carry them to the house with tender hands.

So will we make Alien Monster Eggs? Not from our eggs, but now if the neighbor has one of those pale, tasteless store bought eggs, maybe. LOL Isn’t it funny how “growing” your own food gives you much more respect for the simple things, like an egg. Once you know where your food comes from, you think twice before wasting.