Snowman Veggies

So, once again I was the go to mom in the oldest country kid’s classroom for the holiday party. Guess I did too good of a job at Halloween. The teacher wanted to keep the party snack healthy since lunch was right after the part. Really!?!?! Okay, I was on it…… (man the kids are gonna hate this……)

I mean who has a Christmas party with no candy and cookies!?!?! What was I to do? And that is when I came up with this little idea, eat Frosty’s nose! It would be healthy, kids love to dip, and if I made it fun, they wouldn’t take me out before I could flee the room!

So off to the store I went for carrots and ranch dip ….. and clear cups. I did this for two reasons. First, I could make the cups look like snowman faces thus adding the fun into a healthy snack. And second, and most importantly, no one likes a kid who double dips in the ranch! Yuckkkkkkkkk. So individual snowman face ranch filled cups it was.

And do you know what? It worked! There where no complaints about where are the cookies. They giggled at the sight of the snack, GIGGLED!!!! I would get out of this party alive!!! And then I started thinking….. this could be used not just in a school setting but at any party. You can control waste by limiting how much is in each cup. No one will have to worry about the dreaded double dip. They are cute and fun and very easy to make. I simply used black paint and the end of a brush handle to make the dots for the faces.

And the few carrots that didn’t get eaten but where already on children’s plate, we collected up for our bunnies for snacks. Waste not, want not, you know!