Christmas coop

So my six year old son posed the question to me a few weeks ago, “Do the chickens get Christmas presents?” I gave him the only response I could, “OF COURSE!!!” Since our dog and cats have stockings, my son wondered if the chickens had stockings too. Ummm, not yet!?!? That’s right, I had to go buy stocking for the chickens. And you know what else, it didn’t even seem weird to do it. Not even a second thought. I mean why shouldn’t the girls have their own stockings.

So after a quick trip to the dollar store, I returned with not only stockings but some paper candy cane garland to decorate the coop. My son was beyond thrilled and grab his hammer and was off. He begged for other decorations but as he did, I had to shoot him down due to bird safety issues (and the fact I was freezing my bum off and just reallllly wanted to be done.)

Now our little coop area may not be as fancy as some. I have seen some AMAZING Christmas coop decorating all over the Internet, but for our girls, it is good enough. And my son can’t wait to put gifts in their stockings. I am thinking meal worms……