My Gardening Project

Every once in a blue moon, you have a moment of inspiration. Recently I had one of those moments and I want to thank Chris McLaughlin, author of  Vertical Vegetable Gardening, for the inspiration she unknowingly gave me when she asked me to review her book. She had no clue that reading her book would ignite such a fire inside me (and my family.)

We have planted gardens before. One year we had mild success. But ever year since, we plant and fail. After reading Chris’s book, it was like a light bulb went off. I knew what I had done wrong and how this year could and would be different. I have gone out and purchased a garden journal to jot down all my ideas for my new gardens. I now have a place to make lists for materials I will need to make this happen. I can take notes on what plants I want to grow and the best way to grow them. I have ordered seed catalogs. I am motivated.

Because you see, if I can grow a garden full of amazing food, I can can it! I can save money on my grocery bill. If I grow herbs, I can dry them. I need not buy low quality store herbs again! If we can grow more then we need, my child and I can sell the extra at the local farmer’s market. What a lesson I could teach him about hard work and reward.

Chris’s book inspired me, to not only try to garden one more time, but her inspiration has spiraled into a new way of thinking. Instead of wishing our garden will grow, I am determined to make it so. I am committed to learning new things (like canning and drying herbs.) Bring on spring!


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    1. And here she is folks! My inspirations! Chris, I don't think you will ever truely know what your book has done for my soul. Thank you so much…..

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