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Valentine’s Day Love Bugs

valentines day love bugs

I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. To me it is just a Hallmark Holiday that shames men into spending WAY to much to prove their love. Have you looked at the price of a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day vs any other day of the year!?!?! I think love should be shown every day in simple ways, not just one day a year. But I will digress….

You see, now that I have children, I want to make all the holidays special for them…. Even if that means focusing on a holiday I feel is, well, I already explained. So I buy them their candy conversation hearts and do crafty things with them to make the holiday special.

One example of this is our Valentine’s Day Love Bugs. When we started out, all I knew is I had some toilet paper rolls that we could recycle and a stash of craft supplies…. We just let our imaginations and creativity take over. What those tubes turned into were Love Bugs. There was no steps to follow, no right or wrong, just quality time spent together, giggling and being creative.

In the end, yes, we made some very cute little Valentine’s Day critters to decorate the house with. But what we really got, that goes back to my whole philosophy about doing little things to show love every day, we spent time together doing something fun. And in the end, isn’t that what love is really about?

So why not grab a few toilet paper tubes (if you don’t have any, just keep wiping and you will!) and some odds and ends from around the house and see what kind of Love Bugs you can create. Better yet, take time to slow down and enjoy the moments and memories you make together while doing this little project. Because in the end, it isn’t the gift, project, or “thing” that makes Valentine’s Day special….. It is the love you share doing whatever it is you do.

 craft supplies

52 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Love Bugs

  1. OMG, these are SOOOO stinkin' cute!!!! And I totally agree re: the madness of Valentine's Day. If I were with someone who only showed his love on one day a year, I'd have to question my relationship. Not sure why flowers are so much more on that one day either, but just seems another way to capitalize on the holiday.

    Regardless, I like these love bugs 🙂

  2. I couldn't agree with you more about Valentine's Day. Even though you don't like the commercial version, you make a good point about making it about those you love, and rather than spending money, making it about the gift of time and affection. I bet your kids had a great time doing that with you, and THAT is what it is all about. (or should be, right???)

  3. Love the love bugs and we are totally going to have to make them!!! I have a pile of toilet paper rolls just calling for this as soon as I pull together everything else.

  4. I love these! My son has taken to saving every empty roll of toilet paper for projects because we made minions a few weeks ago. The problem is I can never come up w/ crafty ideas. So thanks for this great idea. Finally something to do w/ those darn rolls! Oh and by the way I found your page via the Share Your Stuff Tuesdays Party – christine

    1. So glad you found us! I am a lot like your son. LOL I stash tubes for future use. They make good fire startersfor camping too but I wouldn't tell him that *wink*

  5. This is such a cute idea. My kids will love this. I'm always looking for some new craft for them to do. Thanks for sharing your awesome craft idea at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party. So glad to have you visit me.

  6. Thanks so much for breaking through your Valentine's Day aversion…which I do identify with…and making this cute project. I teach preschool and need some activities for our Valentine's Day celebration. This is one we will do! PINNED it! Oh, and also thank you for sharing it on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop today!

  7. These are adorable! I love doing simple crafts like this that encourage my son to use his imagination 🙂 He's just now getting old enough that he likes doing arts and crafts so we will definitely be giving these a try. Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMG! Too adorable!! I would love to make some of these for my son's classmates for Valentine's Day. I completely understand and relate to your perspective on Valentine's Day. Since having my son, I've been stuck on making every holiday a memorable experience for him. So different than it was before he was born!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We love having you! 🙂

    1. I know Natasha what you mean. Kids bring out something in mom's…. seeing them react to firsts and new experiences and filling with joy…. *sniff* Kids are awesome (when they're asleep LOL)

  9. Very cute craft for valentines Day . Love that you used toilet paper rolls. My little boy would love making these cute
    love bugs. Thanks for sharing. Coming over from MMM link up.
    Kim ` This Ole Mom

  10. What a fun idea and such a cute result! Your love bugs are such a fun way to involve kids in Valentine’s Day. I’m featuring this post at the Hearth and Soul Link Party this week, Mindie. Thank you for sharing it! Hope to ‘see’ you there! Have a great week!

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