The “Popcorn Gang”

Three weeks ago, we got quit the surprise….. A litter of bunnies! I didn’t have a clue our Graycie was even pregnant…. It is hard to believe that the bunnies are already three weeks old today. My how time just flies. The oldest country kid has been having a field day watching them grow. Sadly, we have lost two of the original seven. One crawled away from the nest the first week and got too cold and last week we lost the runt, Tiny. It is hard having babies of any type in your life….. because sometimes, things like this happen. But we still have five very healthy and adorable bunnies to love and care for.

Mama Graycie has come into her own, caring for and defending her young. She GROWLS at us when we try to put our hand in her pen! I can just image her saying “Hey, that is MY kid, don’t EVEN think about taking him to cuddle on the couch.” But cuddle them we do. If you read my post “Surprise!! Baby Bunnies!!” you will know I lost my mind and told the oldest country kid we could keep one of the babies. Like we REALLY need another rabbit, but I was in a flurry with them being born when he asked and had no idea what I was saying. My son had perfect timing……

We have watched the “Popcorn” Gang” as we call them because they pop every where, grow and change so much in the last three weeks. They are becoming quit the little hoppers and adventurers! We had two front runners for who will be staying, Chunk (my favorite) and Lilly (everyone else’s favorite). Can you guess who will be staying? I never win.

Enjoy a walk (or hop) down memory lane of our first three weeks with the Popcorn Gang **Warning: Major cuteness ahead….. Viewers may be caught repeatedly thinking Awwwwww**

One hour old
2 days old
Chunk 1 weeks old
The whole Popcorn Gang at 2 weeks old

Lilly at just over 2 weeks

Chunk at 3 weeks old

Rabbit Facts:

Baby rabbit are born in a nest of fur that comes from the mother’s dew lap (a fold of skin under her chin.) A baby rabbit is called a kit. Baby rabbits are born deaf, hairless and with their eyes closed. The kits will have noticeable hair in just a couple days. Their eyes will open around 10 days old. While they are still nursing from their mother at around three weeks of age, they also start nibbling on pellets. In fact the Popcorn Gang now hangs out under mama’s food dish all day waiting for her to drop stuff!!! Different people have different views on when to wean kits. We plan to keep the Popcorn Gang with their mother till they are 8 weeks old as long as Graycie doen’t loose her mind! I mean come on, five babies could make any mama nuts!!!

34 thoughts on “The “Popcorn Gang”

  1. Super cute! I have enjoyed hearing about the baby bunnies and I will live vicariously through your posts.

    1. Honestly saying good bye will not be that hard. We have found VERY good homes for them and I know they will have wonderful lives full of love.

  2. SO cute! I've always wanted a bunny! I'd have to train my Small Dog and my future hypothetical cat to not chase my future hypothetical bunny though. When Lily (my Small Dog) was born she had eight littermates, but one was born really sick and died a few days later. I know it was sort of "meant to be," because she was actually born pretty much dead and we were able to recesitate her but not keep her alive, but it was still so heartbreaking to lose her. Her name was Muffin.

  3. I had an incredible case of the Awwwws while looking at this beautiful pics of these cutie bunnies. I tried to avoid it but I just couldn't help it! I love Chunk's coat but I just adore Lilly – sorry!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We love having you! 🙂

  4. Ack one should not type while holding a baby. Your comments get deleted! Anyways, your bunnies are so sweet. We have a Holland Lop and man is he beloved in our family. My daughter has even taught him to do tricks. I am your newest follower to your blog and looking forward to reading your posts.

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