Surprise!!! Baby Bunnies!!!

This whole crazy (mis)Adventure start, unbeknownst to me, 28-31 days ago. I however wasn’t clued into the goings on till around 2:30pm on Wednesday. That is when I noticed our female rabbit, Graycie, pulling fur like a mad woman!!! Having raised rabbits most of my life I instantly knew, she THOUGHT she was pregnant and was building a nest. I, however, had my doubts. I mean we had thought she was pregnant once before and nothing came of it. I couldn’t remember the last time the oldest country kid had his pets out to play. And yes, the other rabbit, Steve, is a male. Was it possible or was she just crazy in the head? Only time would tell.

A day passed and still nothing. She pulled more fur and I still had my doubts. Her previous owner had said she had pulled fur once but had never had a litter, so I still thought we were dealing with a possible false pregnancy. I checked on her often, making sure she had water and food. I checked on her Thursday, about 26 hours after she had started pulling fur and still nothing. I checked her an hour later and the fur in the box was wiggling. I told the oldest country kid she had had a baby. Of course his first question was “can we keep it?” I said yes, if there is one you can keep it….. I was delighted to find seven beautiful bouncing baby bunnies!!!!! I told my oldest country kid that he could still only keep one. The rest we would find homes for. I guess Ms. Graycie knew what she was up to after all!!

Now here is the funny part….. Graycie is a Flemish Giant and Steve is a Mini Rex….. In dog terms it is like a Chihuahua knocking up a Great Dane! LOL I have no clue what these little (or big) guys are going to end up looking like!!! The oldest country kid is over the moon, wanting to keep them all. The littlest country kid just keeps saying “baby.” And as for hubby… not being a country kind of guy before I met him, I think he is a little in shock still.

So welcome the seven newest members of the (mis)Adventures family. I can’t wait to share them growing up with you all. Can you say cute overload is on the way!?!? While we honestly did not NEED a litter of bunnies….. Well sometimes life just surprises you!! But from now on…. sorry rabbits… no more “playing” together. It is obvious there was a little more going on then hopping around the living room……

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  1. That is a heckuva surprise! Being "city" people, we are limited to dogs in our house, and thankfully, no surprises like this for us, since everyone is fixed. 3 canines at one time is enough for me. I have always wanted a pet bunny though, they seem so cute and cuddly!

  2. I enjoyed your post, I used to have rabbits as pets, but never two at a time. I'm sure it goes without saying that rabbits will be rabbits… Enjoy your new brood, can't wait to see what they look like.

    1. Rabbits will be rabbits and well, make more rabbits! I am excited to see how they grow too. They are such a mix of colors.

  3. Good luck keeping them alive. If she had a clutch prior that lived, then this one should survive. I bred the first rabbit I owed. She was a lionhead. Her name was Ashanti. She bore three live babies. Then she wanted nothing to do with them. I was in my early 20s and I myself being a novice bunny owner hadn't a clue on what to do. I spent almost 5 sleepless night keeping those little ones alive but each one slipped away one by one. It was the saddest thing every because I really wanted them to live. I was so proud of her and so happy. The last one died early in the morning of the fifth day. It was so heartbreaking. I swore never again would I do baby rabbits. It was just too much emotionally. The next two rabbits I had, I immediately got fixed. They were a bonded pair. That is another heartbreaking story too. All of these rabbits were house rabbits. I believe that rabbits should be in the house with a family and let to free roam with access to a cage. But I don't think we will ever do rabbits again. My health isn't that great anymore and it is hard for me to clean a litter box with me being suffering from chronic pain and I have horrid allergies year round. We have a cat right now and I suffer each time I clean his litter box and my allergies are bad too. He is an old gentleman cat and I suspect he won't be around much longer. I just feel good we were able to give a stray of 20 years love, warmth, consistent food and shelter for the rest of time he is here on earth.

    1. I have raised rabbits most of my life and have always had very good success with litters. Ever once in a while you get a mom that has no interest but Graycie is doing amazing and the kits are growing fast and fat! Caring for any animal can be heart breaking. We lost our old man (dog) a while back and it really took a part of my heart. The end is always the hardest part but being there for them is why we love to being with. (HUGS)

  4. I had no idea that rabbits pull their hair out before they have bunnies! I guess it makes sense because they're building a nest. It's pretty cool, actually. I would have no way of knowing that and this post was super cool for that reason. I've also never seen newborn baby bunnies! Congrats on your new additions. I feel like I should apologize to your bunny for being knocked up by such a…ahem….large gentleman.

    1. So far we have already foud homes for at least 2-3 and they are not even a week old yet. I am sure we will be able to find them all great forever homes.

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