Sunny Side Up Cupcakes

At a recent 4H craft club meeting the oldest county kid got to learn about cake decorating. I must say as I sat in the back, thumbing through recipe books and listening to the instructor talk, my creativity was sparked. I mean, who says decorating cake or cupcakes has to be all about icing tips and fancy designs!

Sometimes, simpler is better! When she present the kids with a pile of candy and told them to be creative, the oldest country kid came up with a centipede made out of red hots, a cinnamon flavored candy. Leave it to a boy to make a bug!

Why am I telling you all this when this post is supposed to be about Sunny Side Up Cupcakes? Because this folks is how creativity struck! My son likes bugs….. I like farm critters. And that is when Sunny Side Up Cupcakes came to be!

This is such an easy decorating technique that even small children can help make them! Simply whip up some vanilla cupcakes and let them cool. Next you want a white frosting. I used cream cheese because, well I am a cream cheese junkie! The frosting needs to be above room temperature. This can be achieved by a few seconds in the microwave. You want the frosting very soft, NOT runny. If it is runny it will just slide off the cupcake.

With a butter knife, simply spread the white frosting unevenly on the top of the cupcake. Make the frosting uneven like when you fry an egg. Next your going to need some soft chewy yellow candies, I used Starbursts. The key to working with them is to warm them up. A few second in the microwave will make them easy to form into balls by rolling them in your hand. Next simply press the ball between the palms of your hands to get the flatten, circular yolk. Pop your yolk on your egg white and you have a Sunny Side Up Cupcake!!! I let ours set and cool before serving. As the frosting sets it will keep the candy from moving.

These were a great hit with not only my children, but our neighbors! Image how surprised and impressed folks will be the next time you bring desert to a function if you set down a tray of these cute, creative, yummy cupcakes!

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I definitely have to try these sometime – so cute! Thank you!

  2. Too nice!!!!!!!! I Would like to try them tomorrow for a a dear friend's birthday! My idea was to make blackbottom cupcakes but these ones are so cute ^_^. I'm changing my mind…

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    Sarah-Ann @ Living Intentionally Simple

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