Henny & Roo Subscription Box Review (and Giveaway!)

You might have seen those boxes you can subscribe to for your dog, meals or beauty products. Well now there is a box just for use crazy chicken (poultry) people! It’s called Henny & Roo and I was recently asked to take a look at the first box and tell you all what I think.

I have never been keen on subscription boxes, seeing as I have a limited about of “disposable” income. I mean if I need something, I go to the store and get it, why would I want a mystery box of stuff that I may or may not be able to use, right? What the heck, I would take a peek at this subscription box and I am so glad I did!

When the box arrived the country kids of course got all excited. As we opened it and started going through the box, there were products not only for our birds, but for the chicken keeper as well. According to the Henny & Roo website, each box would include a product for your chicken emergency medical kit, a full and/or sample size chicken treats, a poultry or farming-themed magazine, coop maintenance items, and chicken-themed gifts for the subscriber. Here is what was in our box:

Herbal Coop Sachet from Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily
Cluck Yea chicken treat from Treats for Chickens
Chicken Poop Lip Junk from Simone Chickenbone, Inc.
Backyard Poultry Magazine
Blu-Kote by Dr. Naylor
Lanolin Agg-Tval eggwhite facial soap from The King and I
Run Replacer seeds from Treats for Chickens
Love Bug Treats mealworms from Fowl Play Products, LLC

My first reaction was, okay, I am impressed. I have always wanted some Blu-Kote, but had never picked any up. Any time we needed it, it is too late to run and get some, so I am glad to now have some on hand. I love Backyard Poultry Magazine, who doesn’t. And our hens love mealworms of course. As for the other products, well it was time to get testing! 
The first item I took to the coop was the Herbal Coop for the nest box. Let me tell you, this stuff smells so nice I keep it by my computer. So here is what happened when I used the nest box herbs….
Our hens kick all the straw out of the nest box and lay their eggs everywhere, in the weirdest of spots, but I figured, what the heck, I would give the nesting box herbs a try. So I filled the nest box with clean stray (for the millionth time) and sprinkled some of the herbs in the straw. Well I will be danged!!! When I went to put the critters to bed that night, Buffy had laid an egg IN the nest box!!!! I guess those herbs do calm a laying hen!!!

So next I decided to try out the Cluck Yea chicken treat. Now our hens aren’t selective eaters by any means. They love their mealworms (which we got some in the box), but they will also steal from the country kids in the summer. They will eat cookies, marshmallows, crackers, chips, pork ribs and have even been know to down some Styrofoam given the chance *smacks forehead* But most of it is opportunistic and on a take it or leave it bases. They don’t get “wild” except for the mealworms.

From the second I ripped open the package, Grumpy Goldie was on me! I held it down for her to inspect the package and she drove her beak straight into the bag! Buffy tried to investigate this new found food source, but it was too late, Grumpy Goldie had decided it was HER’S and with a quick peck to the head, Goldie told her to back off. Poor Buffy, before I could pour any out to share with her, Grumpy Goldie had claimed the bag and downed the contents. It was a little scary to watch! LOL I think we might have to pick up some more Cluck Yea treats!

As for the more personal items in the box, who doesn’t love Chicken Poop Lip Junk. Ever heard your Grandpa say “rub some chicken poop on your lips and you won’t lick em” for chapped lips?  Well fear not, there is no actual poo in this lip balm, but it will keep you form licking your lips. It contains all natural ingredients like Avocado oil, jojoba, sweet orange, lavender essential oil, bees wax, and vitamin E.

Now I had never heard of the Lanolin Agg-Tval eggwhite facial soap before, but since it is for sensitive sink, I told hubby he had to be my guinea pig because he has eczema. Sadly he keeps forgetting to use it (or so he says.) So I don’t really have a report on that item for you.

Another item I don’t have a test report for you on is the Run Replacer seeds, because, well it is winter in Michigan! I do like the idea of the item, but since our girls free range, I will have to grow these in the garden and give them to them when they are ready, instead of growing them in a run. The packet contains organic seeds for arugula, cilantro, purple top turnips and red mustard.

So what are my thoughts overall on the Henny & Roo Subscription Box. Well the poultry give it to wings up! And I would have to say, this subscription box skeptic is duely impressed. Well done Henny & Roo, well done. Also a big high five to them on their packing material, which is wood shavings which are easy to recycle (or use in the nest box) and smelled lovely. I do think the price of the box is fair for the value of the items it contained.

Wanna see for yourself? The nice folks at Henny & Roo are offering to give one of you lucky readers a mini box. What is a mini box? Well it is a small box with just a few items, so you can sample the greatness yourself!!! They are giving away one mini box to a US resident that contains:

A can of Blu-Kote,
A copy of GRIT magazine
A tube of Chicken Poop Lip Junk

How cool is that? Just enter below. A winner will be chosen at random on February 1, 2016. Don’t wanna wait to win? Well you can always head on over to the Henny & Roo website and check out the subscription fun for yourself.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this box is amazing! I found Henny & Roo on Instagram a little while ago & I'd love to get a subscription. I'm sure my chickens would love it too! Thank you for the giveaway Mindie and have a wonderful week. πŸ™‚

    1. Good luck to you! I want a subscription too LOL I am struggling because I always said I would NEVER sign up for one of those box things, but now…. ugh, the struggle is real. LOL It really was an amazing box of stuff.

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