2 Boys 1 Homestead Soap Review

One thing you may not know about our family is that we haven’t used commercially made soap in over three years. Why? Well for many reasons, including the fact they contain so many unidentifiable ingredients and that the harsh chemicals make my hubby’s eczema worse. Recently our goat milk soap supplier decided to focus their goat’s milk into cheese making. *sigh* I shall forever miss my cinnamon orange bath soap. While I am happy for them in their new endeavors, that left us in a pickle as to where we were going to get our soap.

Not all homemade soaps are the same, you see, and I am very picky about my soap. There is just a certain way my skin feels after showering that not all soaps can give me. I was trying every bar of soap I could get my hands on trying to find that feeling again! But alas, I was not coming up successful.

Recently I found out about another soap maker, who just happened to be in my state, and was looking for folks to give their soap a try. Why not? What did I have to loose. We were already to the point of using a crappy commercial soap again that no one in our family liked, so I contacted 2 Boy 1 Homestead and said send me a sample.

To be honest, I wasn’t holding my breath. I mean I had been bathing with my blessed cinnamon orange soap for THREE years. I had a love affair with that smell and the way it made me feel. We had already tried a million other homemade soaps, but I was willing to try number one million and one. And let me just say, never give up on your dreams, because I finally found a soap that not only can I “live with,” but it gave me that clean skin feeling I so missed!!!!

I was very delighted when the soap arrived and the package didn’t reek of scent. A lot of soap makers really do over do it when it comes to the smell of their soaps. 2 Boys 1 Homestead’s soap had the right scent amount, in my opinion. Neither bar they sent us to try was over powering. The littlest country kid in fact really loved the smell of the lemon soap and I had it pry it from his fingers in order to use it because he wouldn’t stop sniffing it!

Once I got the lemon soap from my son, it was time for the important shower test. The bar had a nice shape and fit well in my hand. I hate overly large bars that slip out of your hand and you keep dropping them in the shower. And the light lemon scent held in the water. I like that I could pick up the hint of lemon, but didn’t come out of the shower smelling like a lemon! And as I already told you, I LOVED the feeling my skin had after using this soap. 

Next I sent hubby in to try out the cedar bar of soap and guess what? It didn’t make the eczema on his legs burn or further dry out his skin! Success!!! And I am not really that surprised after seeing the ingredients that 2 Boys 1 Homestead use in their soaps.  They use olive, canola, coconut and castor oil, along with beeswax, essential oils, and lye to make the soap. Hey, I can not only read each of those, but I know what they are! And they add absolutely no fragrances. The scent their soap has comes from the essential oils.

They don’t know this yet, but I am going to be ordering some more soap from their esty shop! I think I have finally found my new soap makers!! I can’t wait to try some of their other soaps, like rose. My world is right again. I can once again look forward to showers with that clean skin feel!

I highly recommend that if you’re looking for quality homemade soap these are the guys you want to buy from!

6 thoughts on “2 Boys 1 Homestead Soap Review

  1. How timely this is. I found out last week that my soap was being discontinued! I hate that liny feeling after washing. My husbandis sensitive to perfumy scents. You had me laughing about dropping the soap! I have this little dance Zi fo to kick it in rhe coener nd use my toes to raise it high enough to grab! Shhh, that's a secret. Pinned and shared. Thanks for linking up at #OverTheMoon! I hope you will join me at #Wonderful Wednesday.

    1. Don't you hate when something you love goes away?!?! Ugh. But I like their soap. The lemon is like a meringue pie when your lathering!

  2. I can understand why you would miss your cinnamon orange soap, it sounds lovely! However the new soap sounds amazing, really high quality and so nice to miss out on all the chemicals in ordinary soap. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful review with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop.

    1. While I miss my orange cinnamon soap (and it was so very lovely) I do like my new soap. The lemon smells like a pie! LOL Now I get the munchies in the shower.

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