Difficult Chickens Adult Coloring Book Giveaway

I have always loved to color, even before I had the country kids. I am not too proud to admit I was still coloring in children’s coloring books. I find coloring to be very relaxing an enjoyable.

Adult coloring books have become all the rage lately, but I just kept coloring in my children’s coloring boos, well until I got Difficult Chickens by Sarah Rosedahl! An adult coloring book with chickens? Why yes, please! Someone had finally come up with an adult coloring book with a subject matter that appealed to me!

I’m not surprised that Sarah came up with a chicken themed adult coloring book, she is an amazing artist. She is also an author and illustrator for Sloggers Chicken Collection rain boots and garden shoes.

I first had the chance to get to know Sarah when I reviewed her bookChickens! Illustrated Chicken Breeds A to Z.  This book highlights Sarah’s whimsical art along with interesting chicken breed facts. When we received the book, the oldest country kid enjoys thumbing through the pages, finding the breeds we own, and learning a new fact about them. Obviously my chicken loving son was enthralled and engaged by the book! I must admit, I was smitten with the art work.

I was delighted when I heard Sloggers came out with a chicken collection that featured Sarah’s artwork on them. I mean seriously, these are too cute! Oh hubby, I know what I want for Christmas!

Now that we are all done drooling over the shoes, let’s get back to why we are here, Sarah’s adult coloring book. Of course as soon as I got a copy, the oldest country kid was all over me. I had to finally tell him, “It is for adults. It’s mommy’s coloring book, now back away.” I rarely get “me” things and I was not about to give this one up no matter how bad he pouted.

Look at an example of the pages! Is this not gorgeous?!?! I couldn’t wait to bust out my colored pencils and start filling in this amazing bird. I no longer finish an entire page in one sitting like I did with the children’s coloring books. Oh no, these pages are way to wonderful to rush through. Sarah’s artwork has inspired me to take my time and do her work justice.

Wanna see even more of Sarah’s artwork? You can always pop over to her website. She doesn’t “just” do chickens. You can also connect with her on her Facebook page. And if you want to purchase a copy of the Difficult Chickens adult coloring book, you can do so here.

Sarah has been kind enough to offer one of you the chance to win your own copy of Difficult Chickens! So grab your colored pencils, imagination, creativity, and get entered!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. 

What are you waiting for?!?! Get entered!

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16 thoughts on “Difficult Chickens Adult Coloring Book Giveaway

  1. I am a card maker and many times color images on my cards. Love this idea of a chicken coloring book. I like to use colored pencils and Copic markers.

  2. Yes, I enjoy coloring with crayons, markers, watercolors, &/or colored pencils. My favorite is crayons because of the nostalgia.

  3. I love to color and have a stash of supplies that are off limits to every set of hands in the house! I have pencils, markers, gels, and crayons. I actually own one of Sarah's books (thank you Amazon 😉 ), so yeah, I color!!

  4. Love to color. I use mostly colored pencils. Sarah's coloring books are great, I will be looking for them when I am shopping for another book.

  5. I have my colored pencils ready, I have purchased lots of different pencils. Would love to color in an adult coloring book instead of printing sheets off.

  6. My adult daughter put coloring books on her Christmas list this past year. I thought "how silly", but she said it helps her relax and helps her have greater concentration. So, it sounds like something that would be good for all of us.

  7. I love coloring!!! I have a bunch of coloring books from my childhood I still color in and yet no kids of my own yet (don't judge lol) I have been wanting an adult coloring book and these look awesome

  8. I've been doing "adult coloring" for YEARS! I was way ahead of the curve on that! I would love to have the chicken coloring book. It would be such a treat!

  9. I have noticed the adult coloring book phase. I'd like one to play with. I have crayons for the grands so I am ready.

  10. Share my coloring adventures?… well, I admit that I still enjoy coloring (do it quite often with my 16-year old daughter who loves to as well). My favorite coloring utensils are coloring pencils. Thanks for hosting this give-away…. but most importantly, for sharing your posts with us all– always look forward to them!

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