Homdox Silicone Baking Mat Review

You guys know, I LOVE to bake. But what I don’t love is cleaning up after I bake. So, when Homdox contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying out their silicone baking mats, I figured why not! I have never used silicone baking mats before, but I had heard that quality mats were wonderful to work with. After looking the mats up on the Homodox website, I was intrigued.

Why was I intrigued? Well, because I hate things getting stuck to my pans and having to scrub the heck out of them. I also dislike wasting money on parchment paper. I told them to send me a couple and I would take them for a test drive. I am totally going to spoil this post for you, because they rocked!

Let me tell you why they rock, because the more I learned about them and used them, I realized these silicone baking mats were NOT just about saving me clean up time! These simple mats do that, but what they are and what they do goes beyond my kitchen sink.

Homodox silicone baking mats are made from Chefs Grade, BPA Free, Nonstick Silicone. They also come in different sizes to fit your pans.

I was excited to get these mats out of the wrappers and get baking! I grabbed my tried and true pan, (remember, the one that fell off the shelf and hit me in the head, giving me a concussion? The one I dented with my head but it baked so nice, I couldn’t stomach throwing it out in revenge for hurting me) and decided to whip up some heart healthy oatmeal cookies.

Since the Homodox silicone baking mats are nonstick, you don’t need sprays, oils, or grease when using them. Not only are you saving money on nonstick sprays, but you are decreasing the amount of fat and chemicals added to your food when you bake! And with hubby’s recent health issues, I am all for eliminating extra fats!

The cookies came out with a beautifully golden brown and with the perfect bottoms each and every time! Yeah for consistency and healthier baking! Not to mention I will save money in the future since these mats replace parchment paper and foil! That makes them eco-friendly too! And they really are nonstick, not one single cookie stuck. At one point I picked up the mat with a pot holder and tilted it just to see if the cookies would come off without a spatula, and they did! They slip right off onto the cooling rake!!!

And when I was done making this beautiful batch of cookies, I didn’t have a pan to scrub! I simply rinsed the mats with warm water and allowed them to air dry. The mats are dishwasher safe too. These bad boys of the baking world can take temps from -40 to 480 degrees! You can even pop them in the microwave. And unlike a lot of kitchen accessories or tools, these baking mats are easy to store, simple roll them up or slip them somewhere flat!

Let me tell you, not only are Homodox silicone baking mats a great tool to have, but their price is great too. You get 3 of these mats for just $18.99. These silicone baking mats not only make life in the kitchen easier but they will pay for themselves in the long run!

8 thoughts on “Homdox Silicone Baking Mat Review

  1. I have similar mats and love them, I bake everything on them, from cookies to calzones.
    I think I need to get more.

    1. I've always heard good things too but I never buy myself anything, but I would totally spend the money on these now that I know just how amazing they are!

  2. I recently invested in some baking mats and it was the best purchase ever!!! Like you said, no more scrubbing and no more cooking sprays!!! Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week!

  3. Excellent review – I have a Silpat mat that I love so much but are much pricier. These sound like the exact same thing at a much more affordable price – how could that be bad? Thanks for sharing this review at #HappinessIsHomemade this week!

    1. I love that they are so affordable. Price is what kept me from trying silicone mats before, but these are the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

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