Easy DIY Beehive (with Bees!)

Our county fair is coming up next month and that means the oldest country kid is busy making projects to enter. This easy DIY beehive decoration is one of the projects he made! I don’t know about you, but I think it is super cute!! And I love how the wind makes the bees on the wire dance around the hive. This is such a fun project, not only to make, but to interact with when it is done.

For this project you will need:

A terracotta pot
Yellow paint
Black, yellow and white craft foam
Picture hanging wire
Glue (we used a glue gun)
Black marker

The first step to making this cute hive is to paint your terracotta pot yellow. It will take a couple coats as terracotta soaks up paint. The nice thing is each coat dries pretty fast, especially if you put it in front of a fan like the oldest country kid did. Isn’t he so smart….. and extremely inpatient! While your pot dries between coats of paint, you can work on making your foam bees.

The oldest country kid cut the the door, bees and wings out without any pattern. Just think of the bees as a peanut shape and the wings as the top of a heart. He glued his wings on before putting the bees’ stripes on and we had to replace some wings because he got black marker on them, so I would suggest putting the stripes on BEFORE you glue your wings on.

Now that you have all your parts ready, it is time to put the twine around your painted pot. Spacing of the twine is a personal preference. The oldest country kid wanted it farther apart, where I would have make the spaces closer together with more twine on the pot. But since it was his project, I just kind of had to bite my tongue.

Once the twine is glues on, you can add your door and the one bee that is climbing the hive, For the flying bees, you will want to measure out your wire, bend it, feed it through the hole in the pot and secure it with glue before adding the bees to it. We used a glue gun because it provided a better hold in a faster time. Remember the oldest country kid is extremely inpatient. Once the wire is attached, you can glue your bees to the wire.

And ta-dum…. the cutest little beehive ever!



19 thoughts on “Easy DIY Beehive (with Bees!)

  1. Just such an adorable idea; even I could make this and "take care of a beehive"

  2. I have a friend who really wants bees but can't have them in her condo. I should make her one Thanks for the idea

  3. It is really cute! Clever way to use a yellow pot! Thanks for sharing with #overthemoon!

  4. What a fun project! Thank you for sharing it on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Mindie! 🙂

  5. It is the cutest bee hive ever! What a great idea. Stopping by from Awesome Life Friday.

  6. That's a cute craft and thanks for sharing it at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

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