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Today’s Critter Spotlight lands on our oldest bunny boy, Steve. You may not have heard much about Steve lately on Facebook or our blog because, well, he is just a quiet, in the back ground kind of guy. He isn’t pushy like those chickens and ducks who always seem to want to be in front of the camera.

We got Steve many years ago at a pet store. *gasp* Yup, you read that right, a pet store. Why would we ever buy a rabbit from a pet store?!? Well because the oldest country kid had been begging for a bunny and we were there picking up something and well we are suckers for a hard luck story!

Steve was still a young Mini Rex at the time we crossed paths with him, but he had been at the pet store “to long.” As the oldest country kid was oooohing and ahhhing over this bunny, the clerk informed us that if he didn’t sell soon, he would go back to the breeder…… and be sold as snake food. Yup, sucker written all over our foreheads. And that is how Steve came to live here.

Of course since he was a PET bunny, he HAD to live in the house. *smacks forehead* And so we got him a bunny diaper so he could spend time out, hopping through the house and spending time with the oldest country kid. And Steve did just that, zipping around and bothering the other critters that call this crazy place home.

He developed a real thing for bugging the cats. They used to sleep on the floors, but once Steve moved in, they moved to higher ground. Let’s just say Steve is a little pushy and it didn’t matter if they were the same sex or a different species, he was “interested.” That’s when my hubby got the bright idea that we should get Steve a playmate!

So along came Greycie, a FEMALE Flemish Giant. Of course we had to get here a jumbo size diaper too. Steve was in heaven! Me? Not so much. You see, when Steve got “excited” he gave off the most awful “man funk” ever. He could stink the house up in seconds with his manly musk. Not to mention, I raised rabbits for most of my youth, I knew the birds and bees, and even though they had separate pens and wore diapers when they were out, I knew the risks.

I so hate it when Mama is right….. Honestly, I do. The oldest country kid (who was around 6 at the time, I think) let the bunnies out to play and forgot to put their diapers on. When he said they were giving each other piggy back rides behind my hubby’s recliner I knew we had 28 days to get ready for this…..

Yup, those are Mini Rex/Flemish Giant babies. Talk about a weird litter of bunnies! At that point I had had it. There were now WAY too many bunnies in our house. We found homes for all but two, which we let the country kids keep. At that point, everyone had to get out of my house! Out to the critter shed they went.

While Steve enjoys being outside, I am sad to say he is back in the house. Why? Because we bought him at a pet store. What I mean by that is that I don’t think the breeder was very careful about who they bred and I believe there was some inbreeding going on. As Steve grew, his front paws became more and more odd shaped to the point he kind of walks on what would be his elbows. It doesn’t seem to phase him much, he still gets around good, but being the soft inner squishy person I am, I let him back in the house.

I will say that since moving back into the house, his “man funk” has disappeared. Graycie passed of old age, and our other female rabbits are all outside, so he doesn’t get too excited anymore. Steve is now an gentle old man, who will live out his days in the lap of bunny luxury in our home. He has a huge pen he shares with his son, for company, and carrots are just around the corner in the kitchen. Not a bad life! 

18 thoughts on “Meet Steve

  1. Lordy. Only *you* would end up with a bunny who walks on his elbows. He sure fits right in, doesn't he? I say this with love, because I too would fit in, all too well! Thanks for the Steve story!

  2. Steve is absolutely adorable. My kids have wanted a bunny for some time but I always thought that they would not make good pets. My children would want to cuddle with it and pet it. I was surprised when a friend told me that she had a pet bunny and it cuddled all the time, was social and used a litter box. So, my question is, out of your breeds of bunnies, is one breed more cuddly and friendly than the other? Just a question. Thanks!

    1. I have raised rabbits most of my life, showing them competitively at one point, and it isn't so much the breed, but the time invested in the animal. If you want a friendly rabbit, get a young one and teach them how to handle it properly. And simply spend time with it. If the kids are watching tv, have it sit on the couch next to them or in their lap. Give treats, every bunny loves a person with a carrot! LOL

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