Easy DIY Vultures!

A few Christmases back my uncle gave me four pink flamingos. I’m still not sure why he decided I needed four pink birds for my lawn. I don’t particularly care for flamingos or the color pink and frankly, living in Michigan, you don’t see them too often in people’s yards as decoration.

So the odd gift got put away, taking up space, because, well they were a gift and I didn’t want to just get rid of them. I mean that would just be rude. I’m sure there is a rule on how many years you have to wait to re-gift something too. So they were just tucked away.

They sat, collecting dust for a few years till I saw a photo where someone had turned their flamingos into vultures for Halloween. I love Halloween!!!! This was perfect!!! But the photo didn’t say who had done it or how they did it. Bummer. But I figured it couldn’t be that hard and I really wanted to give those stupid flamingos a purpose in life, so I dug them out, hit the home improvement store and got to work.

After dusting off my flamingos, I gave them a good wash down so the paint would adhere better. Of course our chickens had to come check out the “new girls.” Once they were clean and dry, it was time to get to work on their transformation.

I started by taping the areas off that I didn’t want black so it would be easier to spray paint them. I used cheap 99 cent black spray paint for the bodies and the beaks. I was a little worried that the cheap paint wouldn’t cover or hold, but it worked perfect. 

I did do a second coat on the wing areas because all the detail in the feathers caused the paint to thin a little and run along the ridges. A quick second coat fixed the problem and the black portions of the bird were done.

Next I took the tape off and put new tape on over the black so that when I sprayed the maroon paint, it wouldn’t get on the areas I had already done. The maroon spray pain cost a little more because no one makes cheap maroon. Go figure…… Who knew maroon was so special. 

When I sprayed the maroon it reacted with the the plastic a little but as long as I held it a good distance from the flamingos it didn’t cause too much trouble. I found it odd that the more expensive maroon, that was made to spray on plastic, reacted to the plastic where the cheap black didn’t. Very odd. But like I said, if you spray the maroon from a distance and lay it down in light coats, it goes on well.

While my birds were drying, it was time to get their necks ready. I picked up a feather boa at Jo Ann Fabric to make the necks with. You can sign up on their sites for email coupons. I saved 40% of this item and then another 25% on top of that for my whole purchase, so the boa was dirt cheap.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the boa to the “flamingos.” I made two loops around the neck in order to give it a fuller more vulture look. I think it turned out amazing.

Our chickens seemed to like the “flamingos” better this way too as more of them came over to check out the completed vulture. Guess they didn’t like pink either and preferred the vultures colors. Like mother like chickens. I knew my girls had good taste. *wink*

Over all, this was so easy to do. Yes, it took a little time with all the drying in between, but we were changing species here! The cost to pull off this transformation was minimal and I think the before and after are amazing! Just two cans of spray paint and a feather boa and I would have to say my uncle gave me one of the best Christmas gifts ever.


We go Halloween camping every year at our local state park. They have a site decorating contest. I never try to win as there are over 200 sites!!! But this year I did make the top 10 for most unique decoration with this flamingos turned vultures!

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  1. OH, girl! These are fabulous!!! LOVE them! I have to say, though, I didn't know you could still get 99 cent spray paint anymore! I've never seen it around here! Good for you in all respects! Dona

  2. Wahoooo LOVE the transformation – you could even leave them out all year to scare off hawks and owls (or do they do that???) Anyhow – think your project is great

  3. Printing this for my husband – He loves to "repurpose" pink flamingos! He'll go nuts!! LOL It would be great to have you share it at the DIY party!

  4. Oh cool! I love them! I think I'm going to try to make some this year! Hollie @ http://www.quirkybohemianmama.com/

  5. Those vultures are so funny and definitely much better than the original flamingoes.

    1. I love my little flock. I think they are better then the original flamingoes too. Much easier on the eyes then that screaming pink! LOL

  6. Congratulations! You post is my pick for the Over the Moon link party featured blogger. Be sure to stop by the party this week from Sunday 5pm thru Thursday to pick up your badge. Such a cute idea – I'm expecting to see vultures all over the place!

  7. Too cute, and so clever! We recently watched Jungle Book and this reminds me of it. Stopping by from the Simply Saturday Blog Hop

  8. Definitely going to try this one!! Halloween is my husband's favorite holiday – he goes all out with expensive blown up scary stuff and giant spiders, etc. So this will be a new one for him!

  9. Haha…these are so funny! 🙂

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  10. I saw this on the Homestead Hop Link Party! This is genius – Love it and can hardly wait to try it!

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