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Take a Peek at our Week November 19 – 25

This week started off with the littlest country kid still sick with strep throat. No matter what we did his fever just wouldn’t break. He ended missing school the first two days of the week, only to go back on Wednesday and then be off for Thanksgiving break. But I am happy to report he is all better and back to being his piss and vinegar self.

The week was spent preparing for winter, hanging with the critters, and having a lovely Thanksgiving meal. While it was just our small family and a friend’s daughter who is going to college near us, it was festive and fun. We watched the Macy’s parade and ate till our tummys were fit to burst. There is nothing like quality time spend with people you care about to put you in the holiday spirit! Yes, I might be humming Christmas carols as I type this.

So what made me smile this week?

Look at em all snuggled up together! I still don’t understand why the ducks want to sleep under the chickens, I mean they will probably get pooped on from above. Ducks are silly. But it appears everyone is loving the new roost and nest box set up.

Sweet boy is still down and out for the count. His temp is still over 101, so no school for him. And yes, that is a farming magazine in his bed. My kids read quality bed time material! 

When you’re on google maps street view helping your oldest with homework and see your dad! He was looking straight at us. Of course we had to call my folks and have a good giggle.

Is it just me, or do these girls look a little scary in the morning? Those surly mugs are like a squad of hitmen right before they break your knees. I guess I should just fill the food bowl and back out quietly! The poultry mafia doesnโ€™t like being woke up early, capeesh?

This is what I have to deal with since it is getting dark earlier and earlier. Pool time is over, guys! Time to head into the shed for the night so the opossums don’t get you. Come on, let’s go…. Move it…. Now, guys. Naughty little ducks….

Throw down a little new straw and it keeps em busy for hours!  Chickens have OCD.
Every piece of straw needs to be put in just the right spot!

No Black Friday shopping for this girl. I don’t like rude crowds and long lines. If I am going to wait around for something, it’s not going to be to check out, it’s going to be a fresh egg. Sorry Buffy, I don’t mean to hurry you, but…. it’s kinda cold out, could you push that thing out already!?!?

I made a cherry pie, pumpkin pie, dinner rolls and bread. I also made a stupid mistake and bumped an oven coil with my knuckle. It only hurt for a split second and that’s when I knew it was a bad burn. A plain old burn hurts a long time, but this thing started blistering almost instantly! I quickly cut a potato in half and slapped it on. *sigh* It looks pretty good now and the blister is flat with hardly any discomfort. All hail the magic tarot!!!

Thanksgiving pies! Cherry for the littlest country kid and pumpkin for the oldest. Oh who am I kidding, they are both going to have a piece of each, at the same time, because they are little pigs like that.

I went out to close up the critters and thought I heard a cat meow, so I called out “here kitty kitty.” This appeared from behind our row boat, she is very friendly but very thin. I had the oldest country kid bring her some food and somehow she ended up sleeping on the back of our couch. 

Harvested the last of the garden and the ducks got the Brussel sprout plants. They are masters at getting even the tiniest little sprout off them, aka the ones I couldn’t. Which is fine by me because I actually hate Brussel sprouts. Yup, I only grow them for the hubby. Nasty little green balls of yuckiness.

Well someone is certainly bright eyed (and possibly bushy tailed) in the morning!
Yes, Cinder, you are a pretty girl and mommy loves you very much.

Sssshhhhh…. and then this happened!!!! The kitty that adopted us on Thanksgiving has been named Ginger, and while she is still a little growly at everyone, she is starting to settle in. I think Heidi the homestead hound was too afraid to move away from her.

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

10 thoughts on “Take a Peek at our Week November 19 – 25

  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday except for the little one being under the weather. Hope he's feeling better. We spent the holiday in Florida which was fun yet a little weird. We also had a cat adopt us recently. It was 11:30 on a Saturday night when we heard him knocking (okay meowing) at our door. Poor thing was so skinny. My husband, being the softy he is, went out at midnight to get him some food and litter. We've had him about three months now and he has doubled in weight. We weren't looking for a cat but he's a real sweetheart and we wouldn't trade him for anything.

    1. I wasn't looking for another mouth to feed, but when it came from behind the row boat it was so affectionate and skinny, I had no choice but to feed it. I knew the minute she made it inside, she was staying LOL

  2. That sure is a happy looking kitty! She's so lucky you found her. I hope your little boy is feeling much better, and that your burn is healing. Ouch! What beautiful pies you made. The pastry is just gorgeous. I'm glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for sharing this little glimpse into your life with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party, Mindie. I hope this is a great week for you!

  3. Love your blog. I was in awe of your pies–if they tasted half as good as they looked they were fabulous. I'll never understand how people can just dump their animals. New kitty is beautiful. Hope you all stay well now. Sandy in California

    1. The pies were seriously easy to make. Maybe I should do a pie top tutorial! I have no idea where kitty came from but she hit the jackpot LOL Now if she would just relax with our other critters she has to share the house with!

    1. Thank you. When I was in 6th grade home ec we had to make pies. Mine was ugly as sin. The teacher gave me an F. We had to take it home to be taste tested by our parents. My dad gave me an A. I take pride in making pies now and I think back to that teacher, if only she could see me now LOL

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