Fermenting Pickles, A Yummy Science Project

When it comes to homeschooling topics, we as parent pick topics that fulfill portions of our curriculum, like science or math. Homeschooling projects should also be about fun. And around here, homeschooling projects are sometimes useful and yummy too! We (meaning my hubby and I) have been using fermentation as

How To Ferment Garlic And Why You Should!

Garlic adds flavor to so many things. And there are wonderful health benefits from eating it. So why should you ferment garlic? One word, probiotics! The fermenting of the garlic mellows the cloves and removes some of the “heat.” You could take it “medicinally” by just eating the cloves strait

Spicy Red Pepper Carrot Sticks Will Change Your Life!

Okay, I know, you read the title and went, “how can carrot sticks change my life?!?!” I will admit, they will not make you rich, nor regrow hair, but they can improve your health!! Sadly, in the last 100 years, fermented foods have all but disappeared from our diets in

Salt + Cabbage = Kraut, Why Salt is Important

Last week on Fermentation Friday we talked about What is Fermented Food and why you would want to eat it. This week we are going to learn a little more about how it all happens and make our very first “recipe” or as the oldest country kid refers to them a “science