Homemade Applesauce

We have lots of apples this year so I decided to try a few new things…. like apple butter and now making my own applesauce. It was amazingly simple to do and it got rave reviews from all the men folk, so it is something I will defiantly be making more of in the future. So how does one make applesauce? Well grab some apples, get them peeled and cored and I will let you in on the oh so easy task!

Simply put and inch of water in the bottom of a pan. Add in you sliced apples (which you did peel and core, right?) Place a lid on the pot, put the temp on high and get that bad boy going. Once it is going nice and strong drop the temp down to about medium and then sit back and wait. What are you waiting for? For the apples to become fork tender! Kind of like when you boil potatoes but here you are steaming the apples.

Once the apples are fork tender, remove them from the heat and drain of any remaining liquid. Now I tried putting my apples through the food mill, which worked okay, but it left an awful amount of apple behind and my arm was getting tired of turning. I then got out my blender and scrapped the food mill and poured the milled mush I already had in and finished the process the modern way. And no, it isn’t cheating…. it’s ummm, arm preservation!!!

I had only made a small amount, in case I messed up, but this was going very well. I poured my “applesauce” from the blender back into the pot and got it warm again. Why? So I could add in some cinnamon of course!! And cinnamon is all I added…. no sugar, nothing else. The littlest country kid LOVED it but the true test was hubby’s discerning pallet…….. He asked if I added in sugar and was surprised when I said no. His response? “This is way better then store bought.” Yup, my job here is done. Well at least till they finish what I made, then it is back to the stove to make more.

5 thoughts on “Homemade Applesauce

  1. I just made my own applesauce with a pretty similar process as yours. I too changed my approach and used an immersion blender to mix it all up so I didn't loose any of the good stuff. Yours sounds great, I did add a little raw sugar to mine:)

  2. Applesauce doesn't need extra sugar especially if you use sweet apples or a mixture of apples. This is a easy and simple way to make applesauce and I will have to add it to my list. Visiting from Linked Up Tuesday

  3. I miss having apple trees. I'd love to go apple picking & make some apple sauce. I did make a small batch of apple caramel jam & a few other things Visiting from DearCreatives.com Theresa

  4. I simplified the process even more. I do core the apples, but I dice them (skin and all) into the pot with a scant amount of water (just enough to keep from burning). Cooked on medium heat for 10 minutes then process with a stick blender. Add sugar, lemon zest, pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg and/or cinnamon as desired. Skin adds fiber and a touch of color and texture and makes the process so much easier!

    1. I don't own a stick blender *pout* And my family doesn't like the peels in applesauce *double pout*

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