Mexican Hot Chocolate

The cute mug is from Louise’s Country Closet

When you think of hot chocolate, does your mind instantly conjure the image of Swiss Miss or the likes? The images of water and a little packet of powder? I am here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way!! Around here we enjoy a nice cup of Mexican hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Yes it requires a bit more work then microwaving a cup of water, but I promise…. What little extra effort goes into making it is so well worth it!

We were making three cups of hot chocolate so we poured three cupfuls of milk and then put them in a sauce pan over medium low heat. Next we chopped up some Mexican chocolate. We get ours at a local Mexican market but you can order it from Amazon too. Stir the milk and chocolate. Once the chocolate melts into the milk it is time to add in the cinnamon. We added 1 teaspoon to ours, for three cups, but just like with anything, the amount of chocolate and cinnamon will depend on your taste buds.

You can add other things as well depending on your taste buds…..nutmeg, cayenne pepper, whatever…. I like my straight. Another thing to note is to make sure the hot chocolate gets air in it to make it light and foamy. You can do this by whisking, pouring it back and forth or just run it through your blender!

No matter what you add or how you fluff it, I promise, Mexican hot chocolate is the way to go…… sorry powder packets, you’re not welcome here anymore!

28 thoughts on “Mexican Hot Chocolate

    1. It is a more granular chocolate (texture) but needs no added sugar because of the natural sugars. It is hard to explain LOL But I promise it is yummy. It is not spicy if you get the basic chocolate, but there are some that have spices added to them for different tastes.

  1. We have been fans of Mexican Hot Chocolate for years. Ibarra is our favorite brand. It already has the cinnamon in it, but you can always add more…yumm!

    We use a food processor and grind up the chocolate ahead of time to make life easier. I think they are now making some packets with it pre-ground for you, if you want to pay for convenience.

    The best way to have it? Steamed milk, Mexican hot chocolate, and a little peppermint schnapps! MMMmmmmmmmm.

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