Tribes-A-Dozen Voila! HALLAH Bread Mixes (Review)

If you have been a regular reader, you will have picked up on the fact I like to bake, a lot. I do most of my baking from scratch but recently I was approached by Tribes -A- Dozen to give their Voila! HALLAH egg bread mixes a try. Having never made an egg bread before, they had my interest. Their company’s motto of “Break Bread, Not Tradition” also peeked my interest. You know me, I love traditional things. Okay, I was in, I would give them a try and see if these boxed mixes were as good as they say.
I was pleasantly surprised when not one, but three boxes of mix showed up on my doorstep. Remember, I do love to bake!! I sat down and read their press release and then I read the boxes. The ingredients section, well, not only could I pronounce ever last one, but I knew what they were!!! How refreshing to have a product that DIDN’T have a bunch of stuff in it that shouldn’t be there!!

Not only that, the box let me know a few other things that really hit home with me….. Like they are made in the USA., their boxes are 100% recycled paperboard and their manufacturing plant not only uses renewable energy, but reduces, reuses, and recycles 99% of all product waste. My inner tree hugger was purring like a kitten. Well done Tribes -A- Dozen!!!

But I wasn’t asked to get all touchy feely with their box, I was asked to review their product, so off to the kitchen I went. They sent me a traditional, a wheat, and a spelt (an ancient grain) mix to try and I can say I did enjoy making them. The directions on the box were detailed and easy to follow and required very few add in ingredients. My only “problem” was they said to use a stand mixer and well I don’t own one. (If Kitchen Aid wants to send me one to review, I would be forever in love with them, so let them know LOL) But even without a stand mixer I had no problems whipping up these mixes.

I had never done a braided loaf before, but after giving it a try on the traditional mix, I love it. Why had I never braided bread before?!?! It is beautiful. I did the spelt in the traditional loaf form as each of these mixes can be prepared either way.

So how do I feel about Tribes -A- Dozen’s Voila! HALLAH bread mixes? I love the natural and organic ingredients. And for my Jewish friend’s, they are kosher. I think Leah Hadad, the founder and president of the company has found her niche with a great product! She has designed a product that introduces people to a traditional European bread and makes it easy for them to bake it at home.

Tribes -A- Dozen can be found on Facebook as well as on Twitter! And best of all they can be found in your kitchen!!! That’s right! Tribes -A- Dozen is going to give one of YOU the same three pack of mixes I received!!! How amazingly generous is that! Who’s excited? I know I am!! You can enter below, or if your just can’t wait to win, you can always purchase the mixes HERE!

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23 thoughts on “Tribes-A-Dozen Voila! HALLAH Bread Mixes (Review)

  1. I love Challah bread, would like to give it a try and we don't have a stand mixer either.

  2. Now this is a rare one I am very interested in. I always make our bread, have for years and I do not own a stand mixer either. I must say it looks excellent. Fingers are crossed.

  3. I have never tried Hallah bread mix, but your review makes me want to! Not only does it sound great, but I love supporting products that are good for my family (all ingredients I can pronounce and know what they are) but are also responsible (like the recycled packaging and very little waste) My inner tree hugger is very impressed. I entered the contest, and hope I get a chance to try!

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