Camp Fire Craft

When you think about camping, now is NOT the traditional time of year (at least in our snowy neck of the woods) to be doing such activities. But we love going camping and winter does create cabin fever (also known as “MOOOOOOM, I’m bored!!!.) So what to do, what to do!?!?! GO camping, well in your living room of course. And while you can’t have a real fire on your rug, you can keep your kids busy making this cute little camp fire (allowing you time to maybe go pee or just hide to eat some chocolate) in preparation for you camp out.

All you need to do this craft are:

  • a CD (if you don’t have any you want to recycle you can pick up a 3 pack for $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Tissue paper (also available for $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Sticks
  • Rocks
  • Dirt
  • Glue

Cover your CD with glue and press on some dirt. Next glue your rocks around the edge to form the camp fire ring. We used tacky glue for the dirt and a hot glue gun for the rocks because the oldest country kid does NOT have the patience to let things dry and come back to it. Once your rock ring is ready, it is time to build up your sticks for your fire……… Again the oldest country kid just could not wait for glue to dry so we used the hot glue. The oldest country kid also learned that hot glue is HOT. Yes, yes he did get some on him and screamed like a girl, but he learned a lesson now didn’t he. Crafting is a dangerous sport sometimes!!!

Once your sticks are dry, you need to rip off pieces of red and yellow (orange if you have it) tissue paper and slightly rumple it and just stick it in between the stick. We used no glue on this part as glue makes tissue paper icky fast. That is it!!! Now your ready to grab some pillows and blankets and have a living room camp out. Oh and don’t forget the marshmallows!!!

24 thoughts on “Camp Fire Craft

  1. Very cute craft. When my kids were smaller, we used to have indoor campouts all the time, complete with pop up tents, and roasting marshmallows in the fireplace! Great memories!

  2. So cute. My kids would love this. I'm thinking something like this would be fun as a surprise campout night in the living room. Fake s'mores, hot chocolate…yep- it's happening.

  3. This is the cutest idea ever! I am going to have to do this with my girls, we may even have to figure out a way to scale it down for their barbies, who now have horses and are dying to go camping.

  4. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! I've seen similar ideas using felt, but never tissue paper. Neat!

    1. I didn't even think about felt *smack forehead* That so would elminate the whole glue and tissue paper problem.

  5. Oh these came out great! We made a campfire once and this looks much more real than ours did! Love that you used the rocks, sticks and dirt. Thanks for sharing on We Made That Wednesday!

    1. It does but I couldn't figure out how you would turn it off and on if it was inside the sticks. Otherwise you have to figure out how to balance it to put the face flame through the center of the cd.

  6. We are making this for a scouting event. We cut a wooden base and drilled a hole the size of a tea light and hot glued it in. Accessible from the bottom of the wooden base.

  7. What a great idea, thanks for sharing with us at Good Morning Mondays.You do some great stuff. Thanks and blessings.

  8. Love this so much!!! would be great when we have a camping night indoors with the kids. Pinned 🙂

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