Bug Buddies

Bugs….. Most people who garden, don’t really care for those bad creepy crawlies who tend to do damage. Heck, some folks just dislike bugs for no reason, like my hubby. When we first meet, well let’s just say he has learned to live with them, IF they stay outside. But we have made some bugs even he can’t say no to, Bug Buddies!

Look at this cute little bug! Tell me how anyone couldn’t love a sweet, cute little guy who promises to never eat your plants or bite you? This simple craft will allow your children to not only use their imaginations, but to make some of their own toys. They could build an army of bug buddies!

Don’t have kids? Shhh, I won’t tell if you make a few of your own bug buddies. Heck, these adorable little guys would look great hanging out in a planter or as part of another craft project, say a door wreath maybe.

To make the “blanks” for bug buddies, all you need is some plaster of Paris (you can pick this up at a craft store) and a few plastic spoons. You can do these up ahead of time for your children or let them make the blanks with you. We used 2 parts plaster to 1 part water. We dripped the plaster into the spoons which we propped on the edge of a paper plate to make them level.

Wait 30 minutes before turning the blanks out. Once the blanks are dry they should just pop right off the spoon. If they don’t, bend the spoon a little. Now all you need is to bust out the paints and wiggly eyes! Since this is plaster it will suck up the paint and dry fast which is great since you know the children are so going to want to play with them ASAP!

So what are you waiting for? Grab some spoon and get to it! We made lady bugs, but the bugs are limited only by your imagination! Go wild, invent new types of bugs!

Bug blank fresh off the spoon!

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