Finding Your Voice in Life

Why do we do what we do? How SHOULD we do what we do?
Recently I hit a snag, a frump, a “why am I doing this phase” that
really made me step back and take time to examine my blog, its contents and why
I do what I do. You may have noticed the lack of post and the tumbleweeds blowing
through, but I had to do it, heck, even if you don’t blog, you should do
it…… FIND YOUR VOICE in life people! And I am here to help you….. No I am
not some amazing self-helper, just someone who took a step back and did some
serious thinking, aka I hide from my kids in the bathroom, with the door
locked, looking for the meaning of life.

The first thing I realized is, I do NOT always have to be “on”
in life or on my blog. Some days are stress filled and overwhelming and it is OKAY
to step back. Stepping back in life will give you a chance to breathe and get a
better view of where you want to go and how to get there. If you are always on,
your creativity slips, you become stale and you will lose your voice.
Don’t push content out just to have content….. Make what you write and say in
life meaningful. You know the old saying, quality over quantity, its true! If
you want your blog or life to mean anything, to be of any substance, focus on
I have fallen victim to “must produce to grow” syndrome many
bloggers feel. And let me tell you, as I look back at some of the stuff I have
put out there, I see where I could have done better. Now I am not saying be a
perfectionist, but do take the time to let an idea stew and get better with
time rather than throwing it out there like fast food slop. I always tell my
oldest, take pride in what you do. Ya know what? That goes for me too! Saying
“good enough for government work” shouldn’t be acceptable.
So how do you find your voice? Stop listening to everyone
else’s! Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. I am in my opinion, a
homesteading blog. I started writing this blog to encourage others to try new
things, no matter where they lived. But ya know what? There are a LOT of homesteading
blogs and we all cover a lot of the same material, really, I’ll admit it. I am
not the only person to ever on God’s green earth raise mealworms, tap a maple
tree, or make my own bacon.
I used to peek around and see what others were up to, what
was successful in bringing in readers, but then one day I just said “screw it.”
Ya know what? I have a lot less stress! Seriously, I do not care what other
homestead bloggers are writing about, or how successful they are. I have
realized that there are no hacks or short cuts in life and if I just keep
putting out content I can be proud of, I will find “my people” and grow. Here
are a few important things to remember in life and blogging:
1. Don’t follow others
2. Don’t imitate others
3. Don’t care what others are doing
4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone
5. Learn to be okay with YOU
That’s right! Pick up your drum and march to YOUR beat.
Focus on YOU and YOUR voice. Find what makes you happy, what makes you tick.
Love what you do or write about otherwise your voice will get lost or die. Yes,
I said die.
Creativity is a process…. You know where you want to go, but
trust me, the journey is not always straight. Getting to your creative
destination is like taking a walk through the wilderness, with valleys and
streams. Half way to where you thought you were going, you get flustered and
just want to throw in the towel. Trust me, I know! I have projects sitting half
done because the journey kicked my butt. I will kick them back someday, when I
am ready. This goes back to the whole, quality over quantity issue. I could
have thrown them out there, but I can do better! I expect that of myself. I can
admit it as well.
People or blogs who walk around perfect in the eyes of
social media are full of the stuff that comes out of the south end of a north
bound chicken! Trust me, I ain’t one of them, and I prove it daily on Facebook!
But that is part of my voice…. Silly, brutal, no holds bared, look
behind the curtain of my life honesty. And I realized THAT is part of my voice,
it is what draws folks to my blog and me. It is what sets me apart. I blog to
encourage others to try new things for themselves no matter where they live….
So why would I hide that fact that sometimes, things just don’t go right?!?!?
It is a part of homesteading, it is a part of life, and it shows others they are
not alone.
So why am I rambling on, talking about finding you voice in life? Because weather you blog or not, being true to you, producing
the best “whatever” you can, really does lead to more happiness. And don’t we
all want more happiness? I know I do! Success comes with hard work and an honest voice. I think I have already been successful in encouraging other, but I know I can do better! So this blog may be a little quieter as I
find my new stride but I am always over on Facebook for daily doses of(mis)Adventures.

I want to encourage anyone who reads this take some time and really think about what you want your voice in life to be, your legacy so to speak. I also want to point out, we are all works in progress…. (mis)Adventures happen! 

23 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice in Life

    1. Thank you Lisa. I try very hard to keep in mind success mean different things to different folks and as long as I am happy with what I am doing, then I am successful!

  1. I needed that! Thanks. I love the realness in your writing. I am in a slump and I think I'll just sit here a while before I plunge forward…

  2. Thanks, I have thought about this over the weekend, so this little article just tells me I have to stop and really find me… not for any one else, but for me.

  3. Ok you wonderful brutally honest lady you have convinced me. I totally get what you are saying about not copying one another, we have to be true to who we are other wise what is the point of putting out a "fake" blog!! Thanks for the reaffirmation. BTW you are hilarious!

  4. What a wonderful and refreshing post which I believe echoes all of our thoughts. Quality over Quantity in blogging is my motto. I've been chopping and changing lately and now I'm taking the attitude of writing what I want to write and not what others think I should write. Thanks for a great reminder, Mindie! #WednesdaysWisdom

    1. I have had such a hard time learning many of these lessons. I feel like I owe my readers but then I have to remember that they would prefer less and better then more just to post.

  5. So many bloggers are voicing the same thing. It's hard to look around at some of the "super bloggers" and wonder 'why didn't I think of that?' but it's stressful. I've stepped way back from blogging. Some weeks I have only had the party since the beginning of the year. I'm starting back up now that the holidays are coming. I love hearing about what you are up – the haystacks are so FUN. Just keep being YOU. Your friend, Linda @Crafts a la mode

    1. I think as bloggers we put unreal expectations on ourselves. Blogging should be fun! I am so glad you enjoy what I do. Those haystacks are so yummy 🙂

  6. I totally agree that staying true to your voice is the key to happiness! This shouldn't, however, be confused with becoming a widely popular writer (or person) because not everyone will enjoy our personal voice. 😉 (sometimes people confuse the two!) This will, however bring readers that love you and whom you love and relate to, so I think it's good to have a balance of writing what you love and writing what will be helpful to readers.

    Thanks for sharing this with Inspire Me Monday! I'm including this in my favorite posts this week on 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for including this in your favorite posts! I agree…. be you, be helpful and success is just a word and you define what it means to you.

  7. The world teaches that if you are not growing in numbers you are failing. In reality though, why? Maintaining is a huge feat and one worth praise. Sometimes, there's other more important deeds to see to as well. Priorities are key when blogging. I'm so glad we are able to hear from you when you are ready.
    Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop. I hope we see you again tomorrow. 🙂

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