A Week of Homestead Photos May 15th – 21st

This week the flock has been working out the kinks of not having a dominant leader to guide them. The littles have become braver and are testing their boundaries with the big girls. While the pecking order is changing, for the most part, everyone is being civilized about it and no real drama has broken out, thank goodness!

I received a shipment of plants from a company who wants me to review them. I have never gotten starter plants in the mail before! The “Ring of fire” hot pepper collection included the world’s hottest pepper. Yikes! Hubby is a little afraid of that section of our garden now. LOL

I have gotten my tators in too, but I am so far behind this year on getting the garden in. Of course we did have snow flurries last Sunday, so I am totally blaming Mother Nature.

So what made me smile this week?

Fifi, my feather footed Brahma is such a sweet girl. And she is
really getting used to me sticking a camera all up in her beak. I
can’t help it, she is too cute!

The littles are trying to move up in the world and tried sleeping by the big girls one night. I said one night,
because they were moved back down to a lower roosting area by the big girls who thought they were getting
a little to big for their own good.

Free plants to review! I love getting free cool stuff.
Peppers and mosquito repellent plants. 

Made my couch potato go plant potatoes. He was not thrilled. 
Of course Buffy had to inspect the garden after the tators were planted.

Of course after you play in the garden and get all dirty, you have to hose off!
A little homeschooling fun with rocks and minerals. 
Poor Maria, she needs to learn to run  faster! 

Little Ms. Wanda is a shy but alert little girl. She knows way more
about what is going on then she lets on. Little chicken spy.

Mr. Bill was giving me his take on where I should place each pepper plant.
Nothing like some feathered garden help. 
Everyone needs a few garden gnomes in their life (and an itty bitty chicken) 

Our monthly Autism Spectrum event at the zoo. 

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

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  1. Another great week!! Ms Wanda is certainly a beautiful girl, isn't she? Love the "couch tater" playing real tater!! Dona

  2. Love your couch potato! LOL I think I want to come work in your garden and reap the after work fun rewards! 🙂 gwingal

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