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I really enjoy gardening, the smell of the dirt, the feel of it on your hands, ahhh, the joy of spring time. Recently Clovers Garden contacted me about their Ring of Fire hot pepper collection and wondered if I would like to try it. Clovers Garden ships ready to plant plants. Who can say no to plants! I was curious, having never had plants shipped through the mail to me, how this whole thing would work, but I was excited.

What is the Ring of Fire hot pepper collection? Just a collection of some of the world’s hottest hot peppers! Do you want to be the bravest gardener on the block? How about the ruler of every salsa contest from here on out? These super hot, but tasty peppers are almost impossible to find at a regular nursery (or even online) but Clovers Garden has tons of them.

Remember, these are PLANTS, not just seeds!

The Ring of Fire collection includes one each of these hard-to-find super-hot pepper plants:

Carolina Reaper 
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 
Ghost Pepper
Caribbean Red Habanero 
Satan’s Kiss 
Devil’s Tongue  

When the box arrived we were like kids at Christmas! The plants were well packed and not a single stem or leaf was damaged. They had covered the pots to keep moisture in the dirt and the dirt in the pots. I was amazed at how healthy these plants were, especially since they had had to deal with the US Postal system, which can be a bumpy ride sometimes.

Hot peppers and mosquito repelling plants right out of the shipping box

Of course this being Michigan, and Mother Nature being so unpredictable this year, it was no surprise that the very next day we had snow flurries. *pout* So my peppers had to hide in the house and wait for the right time to plant them. The plants had to wait about four days before their little roots could move into and stretch out in our garden, but the plants held up very nicely even under the odd living conditions of being in a box, then outside, then inside, then finally getting to the garden.

Ghost pepper

As I planted my new collection of scary peppers, that is what the littlest country kid was calling them as we warned him NOT to touch them, I was impressed with the healthy root systems the plants had. And while they had a lot of roots, they were not root bound. Perfectly perfect healthy plants!

Mr. Bill kept reminding me about my spacing of the plants.

These hot, hot peppers require the same growing conditions as regular peppers โ€“ the only difference is in handling the fruits at harvest. You will need to wear gloves because they will burn! And don’t touch yourself with the gloves on. Better to be sweaty then wipe sweat away with your gloved hand and end up in pain! (The reason the littlest country kid calls them scary peppers!)

Ranked first and second as the hottest peppers in the world!!!

While it will take a couple months before we can fully enjoy these plants, I am beyond excited! My own little (scary) pepper patch is in and growing. Friends and family are eagerly awaiting our bounty as well. Nothing like being the “cool” gardener with peppers people are either intimidated by or can’t wait to get there (gloved) hands on!!

Now is the time to plant peppers! Clovers has the coolest pepper and all the plants you need for a delicious garden โ€“ tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, herbs, and more. Visit the Clovers Garden website to check them all out! You can get the Ring of Fire collection, or they sell the pepper plants individually. Don’t need the hottest pepper in the world? Then go for something crazy but not so hot, like the Devil’s Tongue. Mix it up, get a couple or the whole collection!

Clovers Garden believe in their amazing plants so much, they want to spread the hot lovin! That’s right, they not only sent me their Ring of Fire collections, but they are going to give away a second collection to one of YOU!!!! This giveaway includes one each of: Carolina Reaper (currently ranked by Guinness World Records as one of the worldโ€™s hottest peppers); Trinidad Moruga Scorpion; Ghost Pepper; Caribbean Red Habanero; Satan’s Kiss; and Devil’s Tongue.

Clovers Garden is also offering a FREE Guide to Growing Peppers ebook just for signing up for their newsletter. Just click HERE to sign up. (You also get an extra entry into the giveaway for doing this) Itโ€™s a great book with tons of good ideas on boosting harvests, avoiding common pepper-growing problems, and lots of great recipes for using all those peppers.

Giveaway is open to US Residents only. Good Luck!!!

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19 thoughts on “Ring of Fire Hot Pepper Collection

  1. Your motto rings true, even for people, because of renting, have to garden in pots, as well.

  2. I don't usually eat hot peppers but some of my sons and their friends love them so I would grow the peppers for them.

    1. I wouldn't dare eat one of these! LOL But I have lots of folks who want them, so I am sure I can find them all good homes once the peppers start flowing.

  3. I would love to try these hot peppers. I have grown some hot peppers before but never had luck with the super hot plants from seed.

  4. A great big NO THANK YOU! I don't eat anything that hurts me back!! Yes, I'm a lilly-livered coward, a wus, a light weight in the hot arena. No way, Jose!! Y'all enjoy! Dona

    1. Bwaaa haaa haaa No doubt, sister! I am not one for super hot but I am sure we can giveaway and dry a lot of the peppers for using in very small amounts in cooking.

  5. my grandson loves hotter the better i would make salsa and chili tomatoes

  6. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I like to grow peppers for my family to eat on salads. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love peppers! I had horrible luck last year, so I'm hoping for a better outcome this year…

    1. Last year our whole garden was bad ๐Ÿ™ The weather just needs to figure itself out!!

  8. I love this giveaway. I have been introduced to a great new website and will get to try new plants, even if I do not win. But I am still keeping my fingers crossed just in case, LOL Thank you for such an enjoyable blog and news letter! Love everything you share.

  9. I'm a total wimp LOL But it is fun to try growing them and if we do have a bumper crop I can dry them and use just the tiniest tiny pieces in my cooking.

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