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Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, and that means more time outside enjoying nature, gardening, and BBQs with friends. That also means the mosquitos are back. Yes, I have already seen a few and I don’t want to see anymore!

As you may or may not know, I am VERY anemic (the doctors are working on finding the cause) and I really need every drop of blood I have. Sorry, mosquitoes, but I’m not sharing this summer! Luck for me, Clovers Garden has a mosquito repelling plant collection called The Mosquito Trio!

Hubby and I recently made a new patio area with mulch, plant beds and a lovely table and chairs. I would really like to get to sit out there this summer and not be eaten alive, so these mosquito repelling plants are going to go perfectly in the new beds around the patio area!

The plants (not seeds) were shipped to us quickly through the mail. I have never gotten plants in the mail before, so I was curious how they would hold up to the whole situation. I shouldn’t have worried a bit, because Clovers Garden knows what they are doing. The plants were well packed and not a single stem or leaf was damaged. They had covered the pots to keep moisture in the dirt and the dirt in the pots. I was amazed at how healthy these plants were, especially since they had had to deal with the US Postal system, which can be a bumpy ride sometimes.

Plants right out of the box. We also got the Ring of Fire pepper collection

I was a little naughty with these mosquito repellent plants, leaving them in their pots for a week before I finally got around to getting them planted. The plants were so healthy when they arrived, they survived my abuse very well. I apologized to them all of course, but sometimes life just gets busy! So what plants come in The Mosquito Trio? You get 3 each of

Citronella Geranium 
Lemon Grass

Even after leaving them in their pots for a week, their root systems looked great when it was time to plant them. They were ready to spread those roots in their new homes! All of these plants are considered annuals in my planting zone (5) and while I did put a few in the ground, I planted most of them in pots so I can overwinter them inside.

These plants all repel mosquitoes, but they have other great benefits too! Lemon grass is a popular ornamental grass because it not only repels mosquitoes, but deer, and snakes as well! Lemon grass is great for cooking with and is used in many Asian recipes. I planted mine in pots for easy access for cooking. Of course I had to add a little garden bling, and by bling, I mean a chicken!

Lantana has vibrant flowers that attract butterflies. We love attracting pollinators. This plants can spread quickly if not kept in check, so I just popped mine in containers to keep them corralled and added some whimsical friends.

Citronella Geranium aka Mosquito Plants (the one on the left of the photo) can be used instead of chemical bug spray. Heading out? Just grab a few leaves and rub them on your skin! I think my mosquito repelling gnome garden turned out too cute!

I love the lemony, citronella-scent these plants use to repels mosquitoes! You can simply rustle, crush, or cut the leaves to release the scent. Let’s just say after planting all these plants, my hands smell wonderful! I am so delighted with The Mosquito Trio! Don’t need or want nine plants? You can also buy these plants individually at the Clovers Garden website.

Now here is the fun part, boys and girls! Clovers Garden is giving away The Mosquito Trio to one of you! That’s right, you get nine plants (three each of those listed above) plus Clovers Garden’s exclusive book, Mosquito Repellent Plants.

Clovers Garden is also offering a FREE Mosquito Repellent Plants ebook to everyone just for signing up for their newsletter. Just click HERE to sign up. (You also get an extra entry into the giveaway for doing this. *wink*)

Giveaway is open to US Residents only. Good Luck!!!

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28 thoughts on “Mosquito Repelling Plants

  1. I feel you on the mosquito fight. I am always the one they go after! And they are SOOOO bad this year! At least down here – We just didn't have any kind of Winter to keep them at bay. — I love that these plants not only help, but are attractive too. Thanks for the giveaway! :o)

  2. I live in western Colorado which is the high desert so you would think we would not have as many, but wow we do. I had not known about plants specifically for repelling them and now I want these for my deck.

  3. What a great giveaway. It will be a backyard summer for us. We will need to try these out.

  4. Yes, I live in Michigan. Mosquitoes ARE the newest state bird! Dee Fedor Falicki

  5. I an usually a feast for them. I had a few summers where they didn't bother me but I am now back on their dinner menu.

  6. I'm in Michigan too, so we have plenty of mosquitoes. One of my boys reacts horribly to them, so repelling plants would be wonderful.

  7. Growing up in Oregon we had hordes of mosquitoes. They loved my sister, mom, and I. My brothers usually were left alone and my dad almost never got a bite. I always found that interesting.

  8. I live in northern WI. I have to put on bug spray just to walk out to feed my chickens!! I'd love to put these plants on my screened in porch. There's a hole somewhere, the mosquitoes keep getting in!

  9. we can get them pretty bad, Illinois. My daughter in law gets bit and each bite swells something fierce. would love to get some of these plants for her.
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

  10. Just starting to get mosquitoes am I have to say I have not missed them. I would love to be able to go outside and not be eaten alive.

    1. I hear ya. I'm sitting her scratching the bight on the back of my are as we speak.

  11. The mosquitoes have just started to come out here in MA, but they don't even compare to the monsters we get at our lake house in Maine!

    1. I have several bites already and boy they itch! But I got them away from the plants. I need more plants! LOL

  12. Mosquito population is a real problem here, and an elderly neighbor almost died of West Nile disease.

  13. Yes we have a lot of mosquitoes and they tend to always find me. I hate that I have to go indoors.

  14. I love spending time outdoors but I HATE mosquitoes! I may have to plant some of these plants next to my patio! Thanks for sharing at Simply Natural Saturdays!

    1. I can honestly say I am not getting bit as much this year! And our bunnies love to nibble the lemon grass. πŸ™‚

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