A Week of Homestead Photos July 31st – August 6th

Summer heat is in full force and I am wilting like a flower! While I am not keen on long Michigan winters, I would take them over sitting still in the shade and dripping sweat. Ugh! Not to mention the heat is causing havoc on the littlest country kid’s bowls. He just will not take a break from playing outside in the heat, and well, ummm. I am too old for this “crap.” I gave up cleaning drawers a year ago! Despite the oldest country kid’s horror at my wastefulness, I have tossed a pair of undies or two this week. LOL

Our nest of duck eggs decided it was too hot too and started hatching on 2nd. I wasn’t expecting them till today! We currently have 14 adorable ducklings. Of course in life, things happen, so we will keep our fingers crossed for those 14 little ones.

The heat has been great for the garden and my peppers are growing amazingly! It is so fun to finally see the rewards of all the early spring planting. Another month though till it is time to check the onions and potatoes, but I am so delighted with the way things are going.

This is the final week before our county fair. The oldest country kid is in panic mode trying to finish up all the projects he signed up to take. Even if he doesn’t finish all of them (like a total of 30!) he still has a LOT of really nice stuff to take.

So what made me smile this week?

Our garden is starting to provide yummy goodness! 

My yard is is bloom. 

Poor Ester cracks me up with the horrible molt she is going through.
She is such a hot mess!! 

 Approach my garden with caution! These are Caribbean Red Habanero and
they have a Scoville Ranking of 300K to 475K!
Hubby is a little afraid of my garden.

A little earlier than expected, the ducks egg started pipping!! Here comes cuteness!! 

Yes, the duckling is peeping from INSIDE the egg! It has not hatched yet!!!

The expectant parents! Mr Bill is never far away, always keeping and eye on the situation.  

How do you count how many duckling have hatched? You put em in a bucket so they can’t
keep moving around. We were up to 10 at that point!!! 

Awwwwww! That’s all I can say about this one. LOL 

OMG so much cuteness!!!! 

Got your nose, duckling style. 

Fifi our light Brahma pullet laid her first egg! She is a hen now!! 

Bill, Batty, and Baby Girl took the ducklings out for their first adventure in the big world.
The chickens aren’t too sure about the 14 new additions to the yard.

Welcome to the big world, little ones!

Super cuteness. Sorry, but they are so stinking cute! It is just cuteness overload. 
Baby Girl and Betty abandoned three viable eggs still in their nest. So Heidi the homestead hound took it upon herself to watch over them. We put them in a bowl with a sponge and a heating pad to give them the time they needed.

It continues to be too hot, so I took the girls some treats. Wanda was so
excited she could wait for me to get them off the plate! 

Heidi the homestead hound with one of the ducklings that hatched from her eggs in the house.
She wasn’t too sure about this tiny thing that kept trying to crawl under her.

 What is this? Prime pheasant habitat. We attended a pheasants forever event today and learned all about what makes a great habitat, what grasses provide food and or cover. It was very interesting. And then I got my bad-assery on! What?!?! Well they were having a friendly little shoot and hubby signed up. But then he backed out because he didn’t want people watching him. So I told them he wasn’t going to shoot and they told me to take his two shots. Ummmmm I haven’t shot a gun in like 30 years and I have never shot at a moving target (clay pigeon.) Oh well, what is the worst that could happen, other then missing both shots. So I grabbed that shot gun and low and behold I actually blew one to smithereens! That’s right, I am a total bad ass! I actually got one out of two. If this were baseball I have like a 500 average, right? Hee heee, feeling like a total rock star!

 Totally caught some of the ducklings trying out the pool….. In the first photo you can see one on the ramp and one actually floating in the pool. In the second photo they realized they were busted and the paparazzi were on them, so they bailed! LOL
Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

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  1. Mmmmmmm, pure gold in the garden!! Those ducklings take the cake, this week! I've missed some weeks because I was house sitting! Glad to be back! Dona

  2. What a wonderful week you've shared with us! Welcome to all the little ones – especially the one that probably thinks Heidi is her mom. Your pictures are definitely smile worthy. Hugs and blessings

    1. I was dying laughing when the one just flopped over the side of the pool. The ducklings are a hoot!

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