Meet Lily

Today’s Critter Spotlight falls on another “home grown” critter, Lily! She is a sibling to a former spotlight critter, Blaze.

Back when the oldest country kid wasn’t that old, he let two of our bunnies (yup, one male and one female) out to play together. I’m pretty sure you can figure out that when he told me they were giving each other “piggy back rides,” what was really going on. *smacks forehead* So just 28 days after that fateful day of piggy back rides, Lily came to be part of our homestead.

She is a one of a kind kind of girl. From the moment she was born she has stood out. While all of her siblings either took after mom (big and grey) or dad (small and tan), Lily decided to combine all the genetics available and popped out an odd little mix up of color.

See what I mean? She was always easy to spot in a crowed! Her odd colors and markings made her the beloved favorite of the oldest country kid, who decided he HAD to keep her.

“Please, mom?” How could I say no to those faces!?!?!? And so Lily was granted full homestead critter credentials and has been with us ever since. But she had to “earn” her keep. She would become a 4-H project for the oldest country kid. He would have to learn all about bunny parts and how to examine a rabbit in front of a judge.

When August rolled around and the county fair opened, Lily made her fair debut. Since the oldest country kid was just a clover bud at the time, Lily was not judged, rather the oldest country kid’s abilities were. You see, Lily isn’t really a show bunny. Shhhh! Please don’t tell her. Since she is a mixed breed rabbit, she can never really compete with those pure bred rabbits.

But since she was well behaved and the country kid showed his knowledge they were awarded a ribbon for their efforts. The oldest country kid was beyond cloud 9! And Lily gets the grand distinction of being the only rabbit of ours to ever have gone to the county fair.

Now days, Lily spends her time relaxing and munching carrots in her pen. He life of adventure however hasn’t ended. She recently got a new room mate when her mother passed from old age. Her new friend is Layla, a little Dutch bunny, who despite being pure bred, isn’t show quality either as her markings aren’t the greatest. But we don’t give a darn about trophies and ribbons, we just want our bunnies to have friends and enjoy life.

And enjoy life Lily does! She loves a good romp through the garden now and then. It’s funny though, she never nibbles the produce like the wild rabbits try to do. Instead of trying out the ripest veggies, Lily prefers to find a nice overgrown plant where she can snooze in the shade. And really, isn’t that what we all want out of life? Just a nice peaceful nap now and again.

20 thoughts on “Meet Lily

  1. Ah, those moments when the kids learn the birds and bees straight from nature… Mine learned when some stray cats were "wrestling", lol.
    Lily sure is an original-looking bunny! I love how the 4-H teaches kids skills and responsibility instead of having "just another pet". And being able to include Lily in that, even though she can't be a show bunny, is awesome.

  2. Aw, what a sweetheart Lily is, so pretty. Hope she likes her new roommate. Having animals is so good for kids, learning responsibility and even how to handle it when an animal dies. That part is still awfully hard for me. We have 5 chickens and I definitely have my favorites of them.
    Raising animals is kinda like raising kids when you get old like us. Have great Fall weekend

  3. What a cute little bunny Lily is, Mindie! Thank you for introducing her to us at the Hearth and Soul Hop. Have a lovely week ahead!

  4. What a cutie!!! I'm wondering if you raise rabbits for meat too? I'm just curious. My husband and I have thought about raising rabbits, but we haven't made that commitment yet.

    1. We don't, but growing up we did. Don't name anything you are gonna butcher. As a kid, the first I knew we were butching rabbits is one morning I went to make a bowl of cereal and found two dressed out floating in a pan of water. I freaked! I was like 10.

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