When Life is Passing You By

Recently I took a break from blogging. I told myself it was only going to be a week or two, just long enough to get my head on straight. The country kids were a handful, the end of the school year was nearing, and I was overwhelmed and just needed a break. I felt like life was passing me by and I was barely hanging on to each aspect by my fingernails.

Our schedule was piling up with events, field trips, t-ball and preschool graduation. These are moments and milestones I wanted and needed to give my full attention to. Spring brought more activity around the homestead…. The garden needed to be planted, seasonal chores attended to, broody chickens and ducks every five minutes. I focused on living life, not on sharing it with you all. A little selfish on my part you might think, but necessary for my mental wellbeing. I was at the end of my rope.

Now here we are, almost two months later, and while I have kept our weekly hop going and tossed out a few Week in Homestead Photos, the tumble weeds are piling up. While I took time to get our personal lives together, my blogging has suffered. Don’t get me wrong, family comes first, but I have missed being able to sit and write. While giving myself 100% to my family, I realized I was short changing myself and what brought me joy. So now I need to find a balance of meeting everyone’s needs, INCLUDING my own.

I have put systems in place that will allow me time to do what I love, and as an added benefit, will force my family to step up. I can’t do everything and nor should I have to! Yes, my hubby works, but that doesn’t mean he can’t run a vacuum now and then. The country kids are on summer break, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pick up after themselves and *gasp* maybe learn new life skills in order for things to run more smoothly around here.

I will still make sure to live life, but I am also going to make sure to love life. I am going to meet everyone’s needs, to a realistic point, including my own. So as of today, I am back! The recipes, DIY, critter info, crafts, reviews, blah, blah, blah are back. I have a million ideas for posts waiting to share with you, and now I should have time to sit and write them! 
For those of you who stuck with me through the tumbleweeds, thank you. If you are new, poke around because we have some great stuff here, with more to come. But for now, if you will excusse me, I have to go patch a hole in our pool. No, it wasn’t something I was planning to do right now, but no one ever plans these things, do they?!?! LOL

28 thoughts on “When Life is Passing You By

  1. Amen! I went on a hiatus nearly a year ago from my blog. I miss it like crazy, but I feel like I've lost my muchness. It's making it hard! Adulting sucks.

  2. Taking a break is always a good idea – it gives us time to refresh and re-invent and to work out what's really important (and that definitely includes blogging!) It's also really important to teach others to step up and share the load.

    1. It does feel good to put myself first a little and to know it is okay to do what makes me happy too. And I have been beyond impressed with my children picking up new skills and being produtive members of this family instead of whinning and throwing fits about it all. LOL

  3. We all need time out and trying to find some balance is not as easy as it sounds. Good for you for taking the step to just have a break and enjoy life. #WonderfulWednesday

  4. It seems that life is a series of such changes… and it is so easy to slide into the role of SUPERMOM/SUPERWIFE and just deal w/ whatever crisis pops up.. and they will. Glad you are seeing some improvement after the break.

    1. Some improvement, but let's not kid ourselves…. the country kid are a handful! LOL

  5. HI Mindie,
    Life can get overwhelming sometimes especially if you have kids. I don't have any little ones around any more and things can still get hectic with just me and my husband – so I can certainly understand what you are saying. I find writing something I have always enjoyed and my blog gives me an outlet for my passion of living green. Tweeting. Visiting from #WasteLessWednesday blog hop!

  6. I'm swinging out at the other end of the spectrum where I feel like I am giving all my time and energy to my blog and need to step back a bit. LOL. It's so hard to find that just right balance! But I do keep trying and I know taking a mini break from the blog (while still posting my hop on Tuesdays and my wrap ups on Friday) is just what I need… for right now.

    1. I swing both ways LOL It is so hard to find that proper balance. I don't think we ever do, we just keep adjusting!

  7. Such an important balance to maintain — God meets us in our writing, and also in our "pool mending."

  8. Life is all about finding balance. You've set priorities that will enable your kids to grow up in a healthy family environment. That's the most important thing. Welcome back to Blog Land!
    Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi

  9. It's lovely to see you back, Mindie! I agree, it can be hard to find a balance, but it is important to meet your own needs as well as others. I always struggle with this!

    1. I doubt anyone ever truely find a perfet balance, but at least knowing when your completely unbalanced help set you in the right firection

  10. When mama feels balanced the rest of the family can grow to their potential and learn new life skills — like dishwashing and vacuuming 🙂 Welcome back.

    1. It took me five years to realize I was running myself into the ground LOL Hope I am more aware from now on

  11. To be honest, I didn't know that you had taken some time off…because I had too! So glad to be "back" reading your posts! I was feeling guilty because I hadn't kept up with your blog…good to know that we can find a balance between family and work/fun.

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