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Take a Peek at our Week November 12 – 18

Winter is trying to blow it’s way in, but luckily the flurries have been melting as soon as they hit the ground. While I am not ready for snow, I am getting tired of the rain and mud. I know living in Michigan we get four seasons, but they don’t all have to be in the same day!

We have had an adventure in the coop this week. I thought the girls were just slacking in their egg production, but it turns out we had a little furry thief. He has been bounced from his cushy corner of the coop where he has been gobbling up MY eggs. I just hope the girls can forgive me for the lectures I have been giving them about getting some eggs laid for us! Oops!

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving and I was delighted to be able to help the kids in the littlest country kid’s kindergarten class prepare their feast. It was fun working with them and teaching them how to read recipes, use measuring tools, and they all beamed with pride as they ate the dishes they helped to make.

Unfortunately this week the littlest country kid got hit with a very high fever. At the moment we are trying to get him well, and keep the rest of us from catching his strep throat. I know, I know…. the mama always catches everything in the end because she has to care for the afflicted. *sigh* Here is hoping this once that doesn’t hold true.

So what made me smile this week?

I’m just a girl, standing in front of store eggs, cursing my freeloading hens…. till I remember I have friends with hens! A quick text later, I left the store without store eggs! Friends with hens is the best thing during molting season!!

Who knew Fifi was the brains of the bunch!?!?! She is the first one to put HERSELF on the new roost last night. Those other feather brains are making me collect them up from around the shed and personally tuck them in. Hopefully they catch on soon, because personal tucking in services are for a limit time only!

I got a note home a couple of weeks ago from the littlest country kid’s teacher about how their kindergarten class is going to make and have a Thanksgiving meal on Friday. I of course agreed to come in and help the little ones cook. I love the idea of kids cooking for themselves. Well the ingredients list came home this weekend for what each child needs to bring in. INSTANT MASHED POTATOES?!?! Wonder if I can talk her into letting them use a peeler and knives. No child should have to suffer instant mashed potatoes! Maybe it’s just me, but I think they are so gross.

I’m often asked if chickens and ducks can have cooked rice. The answer is yes. May I also add, they like Mexican rice too, a lot… like throwing elbows and pecking each other over it a lot!

Note to self and a lesson for others…. Look up. I don’t look up often enough I guess, because I just noticed that there is a small forest forming in the gutter over the front porch! Add another chore to my “getting ready for winter” list. If only they were pines I could play them off as Christmas decorations!

I cleaned the duck pool today. Check out the sounds they make as they play in the water I dumped out, they crack me up 😂
Posted by The Misadventures of a Homesteadin Mama on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

OMG!!!! Do you see it?!?! The white egg!?!?! One of the ducks actually laid her egg in the designated duck nest box area!! Oh happy day!!! Guess the new nesting structure I build out of scrap wood worked!

Mr. Bill is flexin for the women folk *blush* He is one handsome ducky boy! No wonder Betty and Baby Girl hatch out ducklings ever spring. I mean look at that physique! Wish my hubby would flex like that for me. Okay maybe not. It would be kind weird if he stood in the duck pool with his arms outstretched like that.

I had so much fun helping out the littlest country kid’s kindergarten class with cooking their Thanksgiving meal. My six kiddos made green bean casserole and two apple pies! The pies turned out wonderful, both in taste and presentation. The boys put a dough cut out of an apple on theirs, while the girls made a lattice style top. These kids were awesome at following directions, paying attention to measurements, and were so cool to cook with!

What do we do for fun on a wild and cold Friday night? I went to lock up and found an opossum in the shed! The chickens and ducks didn’t seem to mind it. I of course called my stud muffin of a man for back up. Freaking thing took us on a wild run, hiding behind everything. At one point hubby said he thought it must of left. He went back in the house and I sat in a lawn chair, in the dark, in the critter shed for well over an hour, waiting, listening, getting cold, and then I heard him moving around and munching eggs. Yup, jerk here had been taking the eggs and stashing them in a corner behind stuff. I thought my hens were freeloaders but it turns out this guy was the one stealing and freeloading. I texted my hubby and he came back out to the shed and we finally managed to get the dang opossum. We took it out and turned it loose and it laid there, playing opossum. We had to nudge it to get up and run off. That was his free pass, so he better not wander back in. And I am going to have to set an alarm to make sure I get that pop door shut before night fall from now on. I am happy he just took my eggs and not my chickens or ducks. And can I just brag, my hubby is an awesome opossum grabbing guy!

Why can’t they just wait till I finish filling it?!?!?!

I love this kid. Even when he is sick and should be falling over, he just keeps smiling! His temp went up today to over 104 and he was complaining his lower tummy hurt, so we took him to urgent care because we were thinking appendix. Turns out he just need to take a nice healthy bowel movement for the stomach pain. After an exam and a swab, he was diagnoses with strep throat. I’ll take strep over an emergency surgery any day! So glad he just needed to poo. Antibiotics and fever reducer are on board and we are hoping for a quick recover and that no one else here gets it. Of course he got a milk shake for being such a sweet pea and so positive during the whole thing. This kid gets sick and hardly ever complains a lick!

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!

8 thoughts on “Take a Peek at our Week November 12 – 18

  1. #1 I love how you comment under each picture. I wish others would do the same. #2 So sorry about the little ones strep throat. I have been battling a fever myself with a bladder infection that only took 2 months and 4 different antibiotics to finally clear up. #3 It is funny how you said you fussed at the girls about their lack of egg production-I find myself doing the same, except mine are in full molt. #4 I call my hubby too when there is a opossum around. They can't get in the chicken coop, but they always find their way into my trash cans for left overs. Thanks for the wonderful updates.

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