Turn Your Front Door Into A Thanksgiving Turkey!

At our house, we do not skip holidays. We love each one, so each gets its time to shine. Since Halloween is over, and despite what the retail stores are trying to prove, Thanksgiving is the next holiday on our list to celebrate. Since Christmas has already taken over full

Roasting Pumpkin Seed, Salty AND Sweet

It is pumpkin season! Halloween is just days away, and that means children (and children at heart) everywhere will be gutting pumpkins to create delightful and frightful Jack-o-lanterns. Whatever you do, don’t just toss your pumpkin guts out. The seeds are yummy! Maybe you already knew this fact. Maybe you

Pumpkindoodle Cookies

They may look like snickerdoodles but trust me, they aren’t…. these Pumpkindoodle Cookies are so much more! These cookies are spongy and full of lovely pumpkin flavor. These are so yummy, they’re not just for the fall season, but good anytime!!!!                                Ingredients                            1/2 Cup softened