Rose Petal Honey

So as I have told you all before, I have roses coming out of my…. well, we have got a lot of them! So I have been looking for ways to use them, like the candied rose petals I made. Well, here is something exotic to do with with your roses!! No, not really, though it is something you will see more of abroad then in the states….  rose honey!! It is simple to make and adds a whole new dimension to your honey.

This is how simple it is to make…. go get some roses,  (WARNING: only use roses that have not been sprayed with chemicals and insecticides. Do NOT use roses from a florist.)

Once you have the petals simply put them in a jar. You can vary how may petals you put in to dictate how strong you want the honey to taste of roses. Next, pour honey in the jar. Don’t use “teddy bear” honey from a store as most of that comes from china and is overly pasteurized!! Try to find a local bee keeper so that you know your honey is “real.” Now put the lid on your jar and stick it in the cupboard! Your done for now, so walk away and be patient.

Let the honey sit for a couple of weeks. This is called infusing. After a couple weeks put your jar in a warm pan of water to get the honey nice and runny. This makes it much easier to strain out the petals. Simply pour the honey through a strainer to remove the petals. Make sure you smoosh the petals with a spoon to get all the honey out of them. Now give it a taste? Good isn’t it!

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  1. This sounds just yummy! I never thought of infusing honey. I wonder if I could do this with my mint…I have that coming out of my ears like you do roses! I am enjoying your million and one uses for rose petals theme, lol. Keep 'em coming!

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