Homemade Dog Treats, with Pumpkin and Cat Nip!

We love our dog, Heidi the Homestead Hound. She was a rescue dog, and in her short life before we got her, she had been neglected, injured and traveled hundreds of miles to join our family. She came with NO manners, which is not good for a 100+ pound puppy. And

Compound Butter Recipes that ROCK!!

Compound butter is am amazing thing for a few reasons, but some of you may be asking, what is compound butter? Simply put, it is butter (real honest to goodness butter, not that margarine stuff) mixed with other ingredients. I have been told, though never experienced, that in those fancy

Making “Things” With Wine Glasses (aka how to paint on glass!)

There are many cute ideas that float around the internet……. But many times it is just an image and everyone is like “awwwwww,” but when you try to do it yourself….. Well there are no directions!!!! One example of this is wine glass candle sticks. They look amazing but there