Mind Blowing, Taste Bud Rocking, Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recently in the kitchen, I performed an act bordering on treason in my family. You see, they all LOVE my chocolate chip cookies. In fact, I am knowm throughout my extended family as the one who makes the most awesome chocolate chip cookies. My hubby once said, mine were better

Oatmeal Chocolate Banana Bites

Every morning when I ask the littlest country kid what he wants for breakfast, he always exclaims with glee, “Cookie!!!!” Seriously!?!? Cookies are not for breakfast…… or are they? I have come up with a simple to make “cookie” for breakfast that packs nutrition with a hint of naughtiness, Oatmeal

Salt + Cabbage = Kraut, Why Salt is Important

Last week on Fermentation Friday we talked about What is Fermented Food and why you would want to eat it. This week we are going to learn a little more about how it all happens and make our very first “recipe” or as the oldest country kid refers to them a “science