Viewing An Eclipse Homestead Style (We don’t need no stinkin eclipse glasses!)

August 21, 2017 is a day most of our country stopped and looked up. For weeks there was hype about getting eclipse glasses to view this amazing event. Folks drove to the path of totality, spending large amounts of money on viewing equipment and accommodations. Since we had critters to

Dos and Don’ts Of Going To A Drive-In Theater (And Why You Should GO!)

I have wonderful memories of going to the drive-in movies with my family as a child. My folks would place our tiny lawn chairs on the tailgate of the truck and we felt on top of the world! Sometimes we would meet up with my aunt and uncle and the

Do Chickens See Better Then Humans? – Fascinating Facts About Chicken Eyesight!

The other day my hubby asked me what colors chickens see. I know, we have odd conversations around here. I knew they could see colors pretty well, but before giving him my “final answer,” I did a little research. I mean, come on, he may be my hubby but I